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Why did Ballmer laugh at the iPhone?

Why did Ballmer laugh at the iPhone?

Asked by Bloomberg (see video, above) what he was thinking back in 2007 when he scoffed at the release of the iPhone, Ballmer explains that the device’s high price drove his mocking laughter, and he didn’t account for Apple’s strategy of working with wireless carriers to subsidize the price of the phone in monthly …

What did Steve Ballmer say about iPhone?

With a plan? I said that is the most expensive phone in the world,” Ballmer reportedly said of the first iPhone. “And it doesn’t appeal to business customers because it doesn’t have a keyboard. Which makes it not a very good email machine.”

How is Ballmer so rich?

Ex-Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is now the ninth member of the $100 billion net-worth club. His wealth grew by $20 billion this year alone, driven by gains in Microsoft’s stock. Ballmer once said he’s a “loyal dude” who still owns a stake in the company he ran for 14 years.

Is Steve Ballmer rich?

As of April 2022, Bloomberg Billionaires Index estimates his personal wealth at around $105 billion, making him the ninth-richest person on Earth. Detroit, Michigan, U.S. Ballmer was hired by Bill Gates at Microsoft in 1980, and subsequently left the MBA program at Stanford University.

Who is the CEO of Microsoft?

Satya Nadella (Feb 4, 2014–)Microsoft Corporation / CEO

Are Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer friends?

How Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer’s Bromance Fell Apart. The two, who were once close friends, have since “drifted apart.” By Jeff Chistensen/Getty Images. Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates and former chief executive Steve Ballmer were like brothers.

How did Steve Balmer get rich?

The majority of Ballmer’s fortune is derived from a stake in Microsoft, the world’s biggest software maker. The company’s former chief executive officer is assumed to still own about 4% of the company. His stake was last disclosed in Microsoft’s 2014 proxy, when he had 333 million shares.

Is Satya Nadella a billionaire?

The estimated Net Worth of Satya Nadella is at least $820 Million dollars as of 28 February 2022. Mr. Nadella owns over 7,931 units of Microsoft stock worth over $218,620,343 and over the last 11 years he sold MSFT stock worth over $558,448,055.

What is Satya Nadella salary?

Satya Nadella salary Satya Nadella was appointed as Microsoft CEO in the year. As per media reports, Nadella’s annual compensation boosted to nearly $50M. It has been reported that Nadella’s total compensation increased more than 12 percent to $49.9 million in fiscal year 2021, which ended June 30.

Does Bill Gates hate Steve Ballmer?

Ballmer, the former Microsoft (MSFT) CEO, revealed this week that his “brotherly relationship” with Gates was strained in part by his push to invest heavily in tablets and smartphones.