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Why are essay writing sites so popular today?

If you struggle through writing an essay there are special sites that will help you with this. First of all, such sites are aimed at students who are short of time or just can’t collect their thoughts and write them down on a paper. Of course, we can’t but mention politicians, different public speakers who want to sound more convincing in expressing their views. Such helpful sites are a real boon for them because you can order a work in one click.

The main criteria of a reliable writing site

Before making an order make sure that this site meets the following requirements: published comments of other users, moderate prices, a direct communication with an author, a wide range of themes, clear deadlines, certain guarantees and free revision.

  1. Look through comments to a site

You have to check out all the comments to a chosen site. Of course, it can’t be called the most crucial criterion as plenty of those comments might be false. But in some cases, they can help you form some opinion about the considered site.

  1. Cheap prices don’t promise high quality

Try not to fall for cheap prices because if you’re interested in a product of a high quality you should be ready to pay more. However, it doesn’t mean that the price should skyrocket! Honestly, there were even cases when the price didn’t correspond to the poor quality of a work.

  1. Maintain contact with an author directly

The next step is to make sure that site administrators will provide you with contacts of that person who is going to take your order. You shouldn’t totally trust site managers who go between you and a writer. You’d better contact him or her yourself and any time you’d like.

  1. Become aware of the main themes provided by a site

Generally, there are the following directions: design, history, journalism, cultural studies, international relations, psychology, pedagogy, law and jurisdiction, art, literature, advertisement and PR.

  1. What are the deadlines?

This issue should be discussed with a writer at the beginning of work. Of course, you have to understand that the cost of a work partly depends on a deadline you require. The work is normally being written within 2 – 3 days.

  1. What are their guarantees?

Generally, there are 4 tips you can rely on. The first one is privacy maintenance. As a rule, such services should guarantee you full anonymity. The second one is that these sites are responsible for creating a unique work which hasn’t to be sold one more time. As a rule, they should send you the results of an anti-plagiarism test along with a complete essay. The third tip is that a chosen writer should make it in time without any delays. Otherwise, the total price could be cut down. The last tip is to make sure that there will be a formal agreement between you and a writing service. If there is any formal contract you risk of being taken in and losing your money.

  1. Ask for a free revision

The best case scenario is to get a fully formatted checked for mistakes and content final product. But, as practice shows, before accepting a text you’d better read it carefully to see whether it meets your requirements. If you notice some mistake you have the right to ask for revising it once more for free and fixing it.

If you haven’t found a suitable site yet there is one that will come up to all your expectations –

How to make an order?

First of all, you have to register on this site. For this purpose, you fill in an application form that is usually placed at the beginning of a site. There are such lines as a type of work, the main discipline and theme that must be filled in. As to such lines as price and deadline, they can be left because these issues you need to discuss directly with a writer. Then you can make an order. As usual, there are no limits and you’re allowed to all the services provided by this site. Then it’s time to choose an author of your work. You can do it yourself relying on the comments left by previous clients or you may place an order and wait for specialists to respond to it. You can also add some necessary files to your application. It will help a writer understand better what you expect from a text. Keep in mind that you have the right to pay in the very end when you’ve got a fully written product.

When all the instructions are considered there is nothing left but to get in contact with a writer from time to time and wait for a final product.