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Why 19 days is called 19 days?

Why 19 days is called 19 days?

originally 19 days is an anthology collection of short manhua stories with 19 different artists involved including old xian and tan jiu, where each story depicts one day (each day being a completely separate one, and one of the days being where ox wrote about zhan zheng xi and jian yi for the first time), hence why …

Is 19 days manhua finished?

It started around November 2014 and is still ongoing. It can be read here. It is the Spear Counterpart to Their Story. It should be noted that the first 14 chapters take place after Jian Yi’s return.

What is 19 days manhua about?

19 days tells the hilarious story about the daily school life of a group of hot-blooded teenagers their touching friendship and personal growth. Featuring characters Jian Yi (见一) and Zhan Zheng Xi (展正希) who are childhood friends, the handsome He Tian (賀天) and the reluctant Mo Guan Shan (莫关山).

Is 19 days a flashback?

Trivia. The first 14 chapters take place after Jian Yi’s return. The subsequent chapters to date is a chronological flashback to their middle school days.

How old are they in 19 Days?

19 Days is a character driven story. Meaning that it focuses on the development of the two main characters: Jian Yi and Zhang Xixi. The two are best friends and have known each other since elementary school. The story takes place in their last year of middle school which puts them around the age of 15.

What does Mo guanshan mean?

Mo Guan Shan 莫: Don’t; None; Can’t. 關: Close; Cover up; Prisoned; Stop; (Positive meanings: Care; About; Most significant moment) 山: Mountain; Loud; Wall.

Why did Jian Yi disappear?

Jian Yi tells him a story about his father’s men dragging him off and dumping him on an island. Jian Yi is kidnapped and disappears in Jr. High, meaning he might get kidnapped again soon. Was kidnapped on Zi Qian’s birthday & rescued by Brother Qiu on his mother’s order.

Is 19 Days a shounen ai?

19 days (SHOUNEN-AI) (old xian) – DARKWHITE – Wattpad.

Is 19 Days a BL manhua?

19 Days is a Chinese BL webcomic written and illustrated by artist Old Xian. 19 Days tells the hilarious story about the daily life of a group of hot blooded teenagers, and their touching friendship and personal growth.

What is a Chinese manhua?

Manhua (simplified Chinese: 漫画; traditional Chinese: 漫畫; pinyin: mànhuà) are Chinese-language comics produced in China and Taiwan.

Who does Tian like?

Mo Guan Shan
He has feelings for Mo Guan Shan. He Tian was initially seen hanging with Jian Yi and some other classmates, but quickly takes an interest in Mo Guan Shan, who he begins to spend most of his time trying to chase despite Guan Shan’s reluctance.

What are the characters names in 19 Days?

Jian Yi.

  • Zhan Zheng Xi.
  • He Tian.
  • Mo Guan Shan.
  • She Li.
  • Zhan Zi Qian.
  • He Cheng.