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Who won X Games 2013?

Who won X Games 2013?

Winter X Games XVII (re-titled Winter X Games Aspen ’13; styled as Winter X Games Seventeen in the official logo) were held from January 24 to January 27, 2013, in Aspen, Colorado….Men’s Slopestyle results.

Name Mark McMorris ( CAN )
Run 1 94.66
Run 2 17.66
Run 3 98.00
Score 98.00

Are the X Games held every 4 years?

After enthusiastic response from the athletes, organizers, spectators and sponsors, ESPN decides to hold the event the following year, instead of every two years as originally announced.

What are the main events of the X Games?

Winter events include various ski, snowboard, and snowmobile events. Skiing includes big air, slopestyle, and superpipe. Snowboarding includes big air, slopestyle, superpipe, and snowboard X. For snowmobiling, competitors race in freestyle and speed style.

Will there be a 2021 X Games?

X Games 2021 Returns to Action Sports’ Roots with California Event July 14-18. ESPN X Games announced today that X Games 2021 will return to the roots of action sports – hosting BMX, Skateboard and Moto X competitions from three unique athlete training facilities around Southern California from July 14 – 18.

How much does Chloe Kim make?

between $3 to $6 million per year
This could mean that Chloe Kim’s salary ranges anywhere between $3 to $6 million per year—and that’s just from her sponsorships with brands like Toyota, Monster Energy, Target and more.

Who is performing at Xgames 2022?

Sunday, January 23
Men’s Ski Slopestyle Women’s Ski Superpipe Trevor Kennison Big Air Jump Women’s Snowboard Slopestyle 1:00 PM ET ABC
Ski Knuckle Huck Women’s Snowboard SuperPipe Men’s Ski SuperPipe 7:00 PM ET ESPN

Where is Xgames 2021 summer?

This year, the Summer X Games are on! Announced in late June, the annual trick fest will be held from Wednesday, July 14 to Sunday, July 18, 2021 at various Southern California training locations, including Axell Hodges’ ”Slayground” outside San Diego and Pat Casey’s “Dreamyard” in Riverside.

How rich is Nathan Chen?

Nathan was born in Salt Lake City, Utah, United States, on 5 May 1999. He was born to Chinese immigrant parents, who shifted to the United States from China a long ago….Nathan Chen Biography.

Real Name/Full Name Nathan Wei Chen
Kids/Children Name: No
Profession: Figure skater
Net Worth: $5 million
Last Updated: 2022

Who won Huck 2022 snowboard?

Dusty Henricksen wins gold in Wendy’s Snowboard Knuckle Huck.

Where does Zeb Powell snowboard?

Carinthia Park
His signature blend of a super-smooth rail game with shifty spins and tweaked-out grabs has been turning heads at his local Carinthia Park for a few years now.