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Who won the Splitsvilla 13 Episode 13?

Who won the Splitsvilla 13 Episode 13?

Jay Dudhane And Aditi Rajput Win Splitsvilla X3. Splitsvilla 13 aka Splitsvilla X3 is catching everyone’s attention with its super entertaining contestants and too much drama in the dome session.

Who is the Splitsvilla 13 winner?

The winner of Splitsvilla 13 are Jay and Aditi. They defeated their friends Shivam-Pallak with a huge margin in the Grand Finale challenge named Love Conquers.

Is Splitsvilla 13 scripted show?

We are not equipped and skilled to script the shows for 18 seasons. It is easy to say that the two contestants were best friends and how can he/she vote them out, so it’s easy to say it’s scripted. Talking about the new season of Splitsvilla, he said that the show was shot during the ongoing pandemic COVID-19.

Who got evicted from splitsvilla 13?

Splitsvilla and Wild Villa

Contestant Notes Status
Piyush Manwani 5th Place; lost in Quarter finals Eliminated
5Th place
Avantika Sharma 5th Place; Lost in Quarter final Eliminated
Samruddhi Jadhav 6th Place; Dumped by Kat and Kevin (Ideal Match), Entered Wild Villa Eliminated

Who is the runner-up of Splitsvilla 13?

Shivam Sharma Pallak Yadav
MTV Splitsvilla (season 13)

MTV Splitsvilla
Winner Jay Dudhane Aditi Rajput
Runner-up Shivam Sharma Pallak Yadav
Original network MTV India

Is Kevin out of Splitsvilla 13?

After Kevin got eliminated due to violent act and Kat too decided to walk out of the show, in the previous episode, Avantika Sharma and Piyush Manwani got eliminated as they come last in the task ‘When Me Becomes We’. Meanwhile, Pallak Yadav got an advantage- she and Shivam Sharma got direct entry to semi-finale.

Is Kevin out of splitsvilla 13?