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Who won the NAIDOC Awards 2020?

Who won the NAIDOC Awards 2020?

2020 winners Due to the impact and uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic in Australia the National NAIDOC Committee cancelled the 2020 National NAIDOC Awards. The National Indigenous Australians Agency announced the 2020 awards would be presented in July 2021 with the 2021 awards.

Who won the 2016 NAIDOC Sportsperson of the Year award?

Jade North
2016 NAIDOC Awards Sportsperson of the year, Jade North. He signed on under the guidance of Kieran Cooper, a former striker for Brisbane City, and honed his soccer skills in a competitive under-16s side.

Who were the most recent NAIDOC Week award winners?

Person of the Year – Keri Tamwoy. Female Elder of the Year – Christobel Swan. Male Elder of the Year – Ernest Hoolihan. Caring for Country – Gadrian Hoosan on behalf of the Borroloola Community.

Who won Miss NAIDOC 2021?

Miss Kwobordok 2021 My name is Kiahara Jacobs Hampton; I’m 21 years old and a proud Noongar/Koori woman.

What does Naidoc mean?

NAIDOC stands for National Aborigines and Islanders Day Observance Committee. Its origins can be traced to the emergence of Aboriginal groups in the 1920′s which sought to increase awareness in the wider community of the status and treatment of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians.

Is Naidoc National?

NAIDOC Week (/ˈneɪdɒk/ NAY-dok) is an Australian observance lasting from the first Sunday in July until the following Sunday. The acronym NAIDOC stands for National Aborigines and Islanders Day Observance Committee….

Location(s) Australia
Years active 1975–present

What is the purpose of National Sorry Day?

National Sorry Day is commemorated in Australia each year on May 26 as an expression of solidarity with the justice and reconciliation agenda of the nation’s Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders, and in particular with the tens of thousands of Aboriginal children who were removed from their parents during Australia’s …

What are the 10 Naidoc award categories?

The National NAIDOC Awards celebrate these outstanding contributions across ten award categories:

  • 2022 National NAIDOC Person Award.
  • 2022 National NAIDOC Lifetime Achievement Award.
  • 2022 National NAIDOC Female Elder Award.
  • 2022 National NAIDOC Male Elder Award.
  • 2022 National NAIDOC Sportsperson Award.

Who started Sorry day?

Australia’s Prime Minister Kevin Rudd tabled a motion in parliament on February 13, 2008, apologizing to Australia’s Indigenous people, particularly the Stolen Generations and their families and communities, for the laws and policies that inflicted profound grief, suffering and loss.

What does NAIDOC 2021 mean?

NAIDOC 2021 invites the nation to embrace First Nations’ cultural knowledge and understanding of Country as part of Australia’s national heritage and equally respect the culture and values of Aboriginal peoples and Torres Strait Islanders as they do the cultures and values of all Australians.

Who designed the Aboriginal flag?

Elder Harold Thomas
Aboriginal Elder Harold Thomas, a Luritja man from Central Australia, designed the Aboriginal flag in 1971. It was created as a symbol of unity and national identity for Aboriginal people during the land rights movement of the early 1970s. The bright colours of the Aboriginal flag are no coincidence.

Who started the Stolen Generation?

The Stolen Generations refers to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children who were removed from their families between 1910 and 1970. This was done by Australian federal and state government agencies and church missions, through a policy of assimilation.