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Who won the 1966 Monte Carlo Rally?

Who won the 1966 Monte Carlo Rally?

For this reason, the three Mini were disqualified, along with Roger Clark’s Ford Cortina and two other Vic Elford and Bengt Söderstrom’s Ford , and three more participants, all British. The victory was awarded to Pauli Toivonen who was racing with the Citroën team aboard a Citroën DS.

Who won the Monte Carlo Rally in 1967?

A big victory for the small car: 50 years ago the classic Mini won the Monte Carlo Rally for the first time. Paddy Hopkirk made the one-off British small car a motor sport legend in January 1964 – Timo Mäkinen and Rauno Aaltonen repeated the triumph in 1965 and 1967.

Why was Mini disqualified?

The British cars were disqualified because they used non-dipping single filament quartz iodine bulbs in their headlamps, in place of the standard double filament dipping glass bulbs, which are fitted to the series production version of each model sold to the public.

Does the Monte Carlo rally still exist?

The Monte Carlo Rally or Rallye Monte-Carlo (officially Rallye Automobile de Monte-Carlo) is a rallying event organised each year by the Automobile Club de Monaco. The rally now takes place along the French Riviera in Monaco and southeast France.

Who won the 1963 Monte Carlo Rally?

Final results

1. #283 Saab 96 Sport
2. #233 Citroën DS 19
3. #288 Morris Mini Cooper
4. #42 Citroën DS 19
5. #195 Citroën DS 19

Who won 1964 Monte Carlo?

the Mini Cooper S
On 21 January 1964, the Mini Cooper S won the Monte Carlo Rally for the first time. It was the pairing of Northern Ireland’s Patrick (“Paddy”) Hopkirk and his co-driver Henry Liddon that pulled off the big surprise, resisting the supposed superiority of significantly more powerful rivals in their small British car.

How many times did Mini win Monte Carlo?

Between 1960 and 1972, the Mini won 32 rallies around the world, including three wins at Monte Carlo.

How many times did a Mini Cooper win the Monte Carlo Rally?

What year did the Mini Cooper last win the Monte Carlo Rally?

And this time neither the rules nor the other cars could stand between the Mini Cooper S and victory. Rauno Aaltonen was joined by Henry Liddon – Paddy Hopkirk’s co-driver from the successful 1964 Monte – for his latest assault on the rally….

On the Road Fee £ 580
Government Grant -£ 1,500
Total price £ 29,500

When was the first Monte Carlo Rally?

1911Monte Carlo Rally / First event date

The Rallye Monte-Carlo is the oldest and the most popular rally race in the world. The event was established in 1911 by Prince Albert I and since then, its name became known not only in the world of motorsport but also in popular culture, business and the movie industry.

How many times did the Mini Cooper won the Monte Carlo Rally in the 60s?

Is a Mini Cooper a rally car?

The Mini John Cooper Works WRC is a World Rally Car debuted by the Mini WRC Team during the 2011 World Rally Championship season. It is the first rally car to bear the Mini label in top-level rallying since the 1960s….Mini John Cooper Works WRC.

Technical specifications
Weight 1,200 kg (2,645.5 lb)
Tyres Michelin
Competition history (WRC)

Was the 1966 Monte Carlo Rally the best in Rally history?

The 1966 Monte Carlo Rally is probably the most debated result of any in the history of rallying, knocking even Catalunya 1995 into a cocked hat. After all, what we saw in Spain 26 years ago was an internal squabble between two Subaru team-mates, Colin McRae and Carlos Sainz.

Why did Prince Rainier of Monaco boycott the 1966 F1 Grand Prix?

They boycotted the official farewell dinner held at the International Sporting Club. Prince Rainier of Monaco showed his anger at the disqualifications by leaving the rally before attending the prize-giving which he had always done in previous years. On 13 October 1966, the supreme motor racing and rally tribunal upheld the disqualifications.

What makes a Mini Cooper a rally car?

The resulting Mini-Cooper shot to prominence as a rally car in the hands of Pat Moss, who won the 1962 Tulip Rally outright. Soon its engine swelled to 1071cc by using some highly exotic metallurgy for the times.