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Who won Silverstone 2012?

Who won Silverstone 2012?

driver Mark Webber
It was the ninth round of the 2012 Formula One season, the 63rd time the event had been a round of the Formula One World Championship, and the 67th time it had been contested overall. The 52-lap race was won by Red Bull driver Mark Webber, who took his second victory of the season.

Who won the F1 in 2012?

Sebastian Vettel won the 2012 Formula One World Championship for drivers. Fernando Alonso was second and Kimi Räikkönen third. Red Bull won the championship for constructors.

Is 2012 the best F1 season?

Incredibly, that was the first time that Vettel had led the standings in 2010. And now we get to the crown jewel – for us 2012 has earned its place as the best F1 season of the decade.

What race did Vettel win 2012?

He won the Japanese Grand Prix from pole position, leading every lap. Vettel won the inaugural Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, the first ever day-night race, to finish second in the World Drivers’ Championship standings behind Jenson Button.

Who won the 2014 British GP?

Lewis Hamilton2014 British Grand Prix / Winner

When did Schumacher go into a coma?

June 2014
In December 2013, Schumacher suffered a severe brain injury in a skiing accident. He was placed in a medically induced coma until June 2014.

What was the best F1 race ever?

Adelaide 1986. While the denouement of that 2008 title fight is almost impossible to match for sheer drama, little can fight the finish of the 1986 title for possibility.

  • Suzuka 1989. A great title decider doesn’t have to be the final race.
  • Abu Dhabi 2010.
  • Fuji 1976.
  • Brazil 2007.
  • Brazil 2012.
  • Mexico 1964.
  • Was 2021 the best F1 season ever?

    It was a record-breaking season 2021 – the longest season in F1 history – witnessed some historic records getting toppled, on top of Mercedes’ record-extending eighth constructors’ title win.

    What languages does Vettel speak?

    Sebastian Vettel/Languages

    Who won the Grand Prix 2013?

    Sebastian Vettel successfully defended his World Championship, winning his fourth consecutive title in the fourth to last race of 2013.