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Who were Rangers administrators?

Who were Rangers administrators?

Duff and Phelps administrators David Whitehouse and Paul Clark, whose efforts to save Rangers FC fell below an “ordinarily competent” standard, have been ordered to pay £3.4m to the club’s liquidators BDO. Judge Lord Tyre found they breached their duties while acting as administrators at the club.

Who saved Rangers from administration?

Rangers improved under the management of Steven Gerrard, appointed in 2018, and in 2020–21 the club won their first league championship since their insolvency. It also ended a run of nine consecutive championships won by Celtic, who had hoped to set a new Scottish record by winning a tenth title in a row.

Why did Rangers go into administration?

PAYE (pay-as-you-earn) tax is another factor in Rangers’ administration. In fact, it was the match that sparked the flames of administration. In the current financial year, Rangers failed to pay nearly £9 million in unpaid tax and PAYE to HMRC, which the club’s administrators confirmed last week.

Will Rangers go into administration?

Rangers Football Club has entered administration – meaning it has been docked 10 points, effectively ending its Scottish Premier League challenge. The club appointed London firm Duff and Phelps as administrators at 14:50.

How much money do Rangers owe?

According to liquidators BDO, the debts claimed for when Rangers became insolvent ten years today amounted to £168.8m. But now a court fight is on the cards over the extent of the debt that the club actually owed with a final figure expected to go to just under £100m.

Did Rangers pay the face painter?

They previously failed to pay the face painter. Now at last Rangers can say they have settled the debt owed to their loyal support by shading Glasgow blue. Among the list of some 276 creditors left out of pocket when Craig Whyte plunged the club into a financial blackhole back in 2012 was Susan Thomson.

What did Craig Whyte do?

The criminal case against former Rangers owner Craig Whyte for failing to provide passwords for various laptops and phones during a financial probe has been dropped. Whyte, 51, was arrested in December 2021 at Manchester Airport as he travelled in from Portugal.

Who is Stuart Gibson?

Stuart Gibson is a co-founder of ESR and has been the co-CEO of the Group since January 2016. He was also the co-founder and CEO of the Redwood group from July 2006 until the 2016 merger.

How much debt do Rangers have?

Did Rangers FC cheat?

After the biggest organised cheating scandal in the history of Scottish football – probably British football and possibly in British sport for all I know, the former Rangers owners now face at last paying the British state the tax and NI they dodged for all those years.

Are Rangers in debt 2020?

#RangersFC £19.3m gross debt is more than all the other Scottish Premiership clubs combined (£15.7m) with the next highest being Hearts £5.7m, Celtic £5.4m and Aberdeen £1.3m. These numbers are significantly lower than most English clubs.

Are Rangers in trouble financially?

In the latest financial year, ending in June 2021, the club registered a loss of £24.15m – the highest annual deficit since businessman Charles Green and his Sevco consortium, bought the assets of the club business in liquidation nine years ago for £5.5m.