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Who was the British governor in Tanganyika?

Who was the British governor in Tanganyika?

Sir Richard Turnbull | British governor of Tanganyika | Britannica.

Who was the first British colonial governor of Tanganyika?

Sir Horace Byatt, administrator of the captured territory and, from 1920 to 1924, first British governor and commander in chief of Tanganyika Territory (as it was then renamed), enforced a period of recuperation before new development plans were set in motion.

Who was the last British governor in Tanganyika?

Sir Richard Gordon Turnbull
Sir Richard Gordon Turnbull, GCMG (7 July 1909 – 21 December 1998) was a British colonial governor and the last governor of the British mandate of Tanganyika from 1958 to 1961. Following the country’s independence, he was governor-general from 9 December 1961 to 9 December 1962.

Who was the third British governor in Tanganyika?

German Governors

Term Official Holding Office
League of Nations (led by England)
20 July 1922 to 5 March 1925 Sir Horace Archer Byatt, Gavana
1924 to 5 March 1925 John Scott, Deputy Governor

How many British governors ruled Tanganyika?


Tenure Incumbent
United Nations Trust Territory (administered by United Kingdom)
11 December 1946 to 18 June 1949 Sir William Denis Battershill, Governor
18 June 1949 to 16 June 1958 Sir Edward Francis Twining, Governor
16 June 1958 to 15 July 1958 Arthur John Grattan-Bellew, Officer Administering the Government

Who is the first British governor?

Warren Hastings, (born December 6, 1732, Churchill, near Daylesford, Oxfordshire, England—died August 22, 1818, Daylesford), the first and most famous of the British governors-general of India, who dominated Indian affairs from 1772 to 1785 and was impeached (though acquitted) on his return to England.

Who was the first British governor?

1. Robert Clive was the first Governor-General of Bengal. 2. William Bentinck was the first Governor-General of India.

Who was the second governor in Tanganyika?

Hermann von Wissmann

Tenure Incumbent Notes
15 September 1893 to 25 April 1895 Friedrich von Schele, Governor
25 April 1895 to 3 December 1896 Hermann von Wissmann, Governor 2nd time
3 December 1896 to 12 March 1901 Eduard von Liebert, Governor
12 March 1901 to 15 April 1906 Gustav Adolf von Götzen, Governor

How many governors are there in Tanzania?

Since 1966 to date, the Bank of Tanzania has had seven Governors and 11 Deputy Governors. No.

Who is the last Governor-General?

Chakravarti Rajagopalachari (1878-1972) became the only Indian and last governor-general after independence.

Is Viceroy and Governor-General same?

Governors-General and Viceroys were the main administrative cogs of British India who saw to it that the “Jewel in the Crown” of the British Empire….Difference Between Governor-General and Viceroy.

Governor-General Viceroy
William Bentinck was the first Governor-General Lord Canning was the first Viceroy

Who were Liwali in Tanganyika?

German Administration in Tanganyika In the main coastal towns, there was an Arab governor called a Liwali. In the interior, there were junior administrators called Akidas. Akidas were mainly Arabs or Swahili people. Under the Akidas, there were local chiefs or village headmen called Jumbes.