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Who was Shane Douglas manager in ECW?

Who was Shane Douglas manager in ECW?

With Wilson as his manager, Douglas began using his ECW nickname “The Franchise” and began using “Cut the damn music!” catchphrase during his entrance to the ring and then delivered a promo on the microphone.

When did Shane Douglas win the ECW Championship?

August 27, 1994
The inaugural champion was Jimmy Snuka, however, WWE considers the inaugural champion to be Shane Douglas, with his reign beginning on August 27, 1994….ECW World Heavyweight Championship.

Longest reign Shane Douglas (406 days)
Shortest reign Ezekiel Jackson (<5 minutes)
Oldest champion Mr. McMahon (61 years, 248 days)

When did Shane Douglas throws down the NWA belt?

That relationship ended when WCW officially withdrew from the NWA on September 1st, 1993. We remember on this day twenty-seven years ago, Shane Douglas throws away the NWA Championship.

Who has won the most ECW championships?

The Sandman
The Sandman holds the record for most reigns, with five. At 406 days, Douglas’ fourth reign is the longest in the title’s history. Ezekiel Jackson’s only reign was the shortest in the history of the title as it was retired as soon as he won it.

Why did Todd Gordon leave ECW?

Extreme Championship Wrestling Gordon would remain the figurehead commissioner of ECW until he left the company in May 1997 amid controversy about alleged “moles” in the ECW locker room leaking information and talent to WCW.

When did ECW turn extreme?

Extreme Championship Wrestling

Formerly Eastern Championship Wrestling Inc. (1992–1994) Extreme Championship Wrestling Inc. (1994–1996)
Defunct April 4, 2001 (de facto) January 31, 2007 (de jure)
Fate Bankruptcy, assets acquired by World Wrestling Entertainment Inc.
Successor ECW (WWE brand)

Who was the last ever ECW Champion?

Ezekiel Jackson is not only the final ECW champion, but is technically the shortest reigning ECW champion ever. At Guilty as Charged 2001, The Sandman won the Title, and held it for 6 minutes, 32 seconds, before losing it to Rhino.

Who was the ECW mole?

Eric Bischoff addresses rumor that ECW founder Tod Gordon was a mole for WCW. On this week’s episode of “83 Weeks,” former WCW executive Eric Bischoff and Conrad Thompson talk about The Great American Bash 1997.

Who started ECW?

Paul Heyman
Tod Gordon
Extreme Championship Wrestling/Founders

Was Raven a ECW champion?

Championships held by Raven include the ECW World Heavyweight Championship, ECW World Tag Team Championship, NWA World Heavyweight Championship, WCW Light Heavyweight Championship, WCW United States Heavyweight Championship, WCW World Tag Team Championship and WWF/E Hardcore Championship.

What killed ECW?

HHG closed ECW in 2001 when it was unable to secure a new national television contract, and World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. purchased the assets of the company from bankruptcy in January 2003. In 2006, WWE relaunched the ECW franchise as a third brand with their existing Raw and SmackDown brands.

Was ECW scripted?

WWE and WCW might be fake but ECW and UFC–those guys are brutal, too brutal to be fake. Little did they realize that it was only UFC that was real fighting, ECW was simply wrestling dialed up to eleven to meet the demands of fans during the anti–establishment mid–nineties.

How did Shane Douglas win the ECW cruiserweight title?

Shane Douglas ran through Taz (then “The Tazmaniac”), Dean Malenko, and 2 Cold Scorpio to win the title, but he wasn’t considered a slam-dunk choice. After all, he was best known for being one of WCW’s Dynamic Dudes with Johnny Ace. But apparently ECW booker Eddie Gilbert was convincing enough that the company gave Douglas a chance.

What happened to Shane Douglas after WWE?

Shane Douglas never again wrestled for WWE after his time as Dean Douglas, but he did once show up in the crowd on Monday Night Raw in 2012. It was during a match between The Big Show and Kane where Douglas began to make a scene in the crowd, making his identity known and shouting before he took off and was reportedly escorted out by security.

Who are some ECW women who were Velet to Lance Storm?

Tammy Lynn Sytch aka Sunny is probaly remembered for being a valet to Chris Candido in ECW but there was a very good angle with Tammy Lynn Bytch (Dawn Marie) who was then manager of Lance Storm. Dawn Marie one of my favourite ECW ladies was a velet to Lance Storm as Tammy Lynn Bytch. Then as Dawn Marie was a velet to The Impact Players.

Who are some of the valets of ECW?

Kimona Wanalaya (a play-on-words for “Come on, I wanna lay ya”) was a velet to Raven and once had a lesbian kiss with Beulah McGillicutty. Jazz came from New Orleans the home of jazz music, was a valet to Justin Credible and Jason. Chastity was Raven’s valet during his first stint in ECW.