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Who was on the Phoenix Suns roster in 1993?

Who was on the Phoenix Suns roster in 1993?

1993-94 Phoenix Suns Roster

Player Pos. Weight
Frank Johnson G 185
Kevin Johnson G 180
Joe Kleine C 255
Negele Knight G 175

Who played for the Phoenix Suns in 1994?

Per Game

Rk 2PA
1 Dan Majerle 5.9
2 Charles Barkley 13.6
3 A.C. Green 6.0
4 Danny Manning 13.1

Who did Charles Barkley play for in 94?

Phoenix Suns
Barkley, an All-Star coming off an MVP season, led a Phoenix offense that had five players average at least 15 points per game or more, with Barkley averaging 21.6 points, 11.2 rebounds and 1.6 steals per game….

1993–94 Phoenix Suns season
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Who was on Phoenix Suns 1976 roster?

1976-77 Phoenix Suns Roster

Player Pos. Weight
Alvan Adams C-F 210
Dennis Awtrey C 235
Keith Erickson F-G 195
Butch Feher G 185

Who was on the Suns team with Barkley?

On June 17, 1992, the Suns traded former All-Star Jeff Hornacek, Tim Perry, and Andrew Lang to the Philadelphia 76ers for All-Star forward Charles Barkley.

Who played on the Suns with Charles Barkley?

Who played on the Suns with Barkley?

Could Charles Barkley shoot threes?

Barkley laps the world on this. He not only has the lowest three-point percentage (. 266) of anyone with at least one thousand attempts, he also has the most attempts (2,020) of anyone with a three-point percentage below . 300.

Who was Charles Barkley’s best teammates?


Rk Teammate W
1 Maurice Cheeks 229
2 Ron Anderson 172
3 Hersey Hawkins 174

Is Tim Hardaway a Hall of Famer?

Thursday afternoon it was reported by Monte Poole of NBC Sports, that Tim Hardaway — who played with the Golden State Warriors from 1989-1995 — will be inducted to the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame this summer as a part of the 2022 class.

Why is Shawn Kemp not in the Hall of Fame?

Shawn Kemp made six All-Star teams and one NBA Finals, but he should be inducted into the Hall of Fame for his dunks alone. We’re only allowed to show this annihilation of Alton Lister because the 25-year statute of limitations for attempted murder has run out.