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Who plays Imperatrix in Yonderland?

Who plays Imperatrix in Yonderland?

Martha Howe-Douglas
During the first series, Imperatrix first appears as a hologramatical video communicating with Negatus, her face is not recognisable in these messages and when in-person she wears a black lace veil that covers her face (this is due to the fact that it is not revealed that she is Debbie’s twin sister until series two.

What are the elders names in Yonderland?

Yonderland is overseen by twelve (or is it eleven?) Elders. The main decision makers are hippy Vice Elder Flowers, drunken Lord Elder Pressley, Chief Elder Choop, the slightly camp Wise Elder Vex and the long haired Scribe Elder Ho-Tan… Yonderland is under threat from Negatus.

Why did elfs face change in Yonderland?

In season 2 the design of the Elf puppet was altered. This was very briefly addressed by Debbie during the first episode of the second series, with Elf claiming he had cut himself while shaving. It was changed again in season 3, however, nothing is mentioned.

Who created Yonderland?

Yonderland is a British sitcom television series that was broadcast on Sky 1 from November 2013 to December 2016. It was produced by Sioned Wiliam, and was created by, written by and starred the main performers from CBBC’s series Horrible Histories.

Is Yonderland Cancelled?

Sad news, Yonderland fans – the show has officially come to an end. Co-creator, writer and star Laurence Rickard revealed on Twitter that the comedy would not continue into a fourth series in a message of thanks to fans.

Where was Yonderland filmed?

Python meets Labyrinth Uni-versalEXTRAS was the sole extras agency for Yonderland Series 3, which was filmed at Wimbledon Studios.

Who voices nick in Yonderland?

Ben Willbond
He creates the portal separating Debbie’s world to Yonderland. He is voiced by Ben Willbond.

Who plays Elf in Yonderland?

Mathew Baynton
An elf called Elf (voiced by Mathew Baynton) and Nick the Stick (voiced by Ben Willbond) step into Debbie’s world, inform her she’s the chosen one and that she needs to come and save Yonderland from the forces of evil and the slightly rubbish Negatus (Simon Farnaby).

Will there be a Yonderland Season 4?

Is Yonderland a PG?

2013-2016, Sky One, PG Yonderland follows mum Debbie Maddox who unexpectedly finds herself in an extraordinary world inhabited by a collection of eccentric (and usually idiotic) characters, with only an Elf by her side.

When did Yonderland come out?

November 10, 2013Yonderland / First episode date

Is Yonderland finished?