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Who played sax on one more night?

Who played sax on one more night?

Some of his most famous saxophone solos include Phil Collins’ “All of My Life”, “If Leaving Me Is Easy”, and “One More Night”, the latter even featuring Myrick performing the sax solo in the official music video, filmed in a London pub….

Don Myrick
Instruments Saxophone, vocals
Years active 1960s–1990s

Who wrote One More Night by Phil Collins?

Phil CollinsOne More Night / ComposerPhilip David Charles Collins LVO is an English drummer, singer-songwriter, record producer, and actor. He is best known for his tenure as the drummer and lead singer of the rock band Genesis and for his solo career which began in 1981. Wikipedia

What movie had the song one more night?

The music video, directed by Jim Yukich, finds Collins playing piano at a bar in London (owned by Virgin Records founder Richard Branson). This was featured in the 1986 Martin Scorsese drama The Color of Money, starring Tom Cruise and Paul Newman.

Is Phil Collins on twitter?

Phil Collins (@PhilCollinsFeed) | Twitter.

Who played saxophone Earth Wind and Fire?

Andrew Woolfolk
Andrew Woolfolk with Earth, Wind and Fire in 1982. Andrew Woolfolk, the longtime saxophonist for Earth, Wind, and Fire and reliable hired gun for a slew of other artists, died Sunday, April 24. He was 71. Earth, Wind, and Fire vocalist Phililp Bailey confirmed Woolfolk’s death on Instagram.

Where was One More Night filmed?

It was filmed at a pub owned by Richard Branson in London (the same club used for the “Sussudio” video, but looking different because the bar is now closed and this clip is shot in sepia tone, while “Sussudio” was full-colored).

What does Sussudio mean?

When asked what the meaning of the word “Sussudio” was and if it meant anything to him, Collins said it was a meaningless word. According to him, he just made it up during the writing process of the song. He said the word just popped out of his mouth while playing with his drum machine.

Who wrote One More Night by Maroon 5?

Adam Levine
Max MartinShellback
One More Night/Lyricists

Who is Phil Collins wife?

Orianne Ceveym. 1999–2008
Jill Tavelmanm. 1984–1996Andrea Bertorellim. 1975–1980
Phil Collins/Wife

Who died on Earth Wind & Fire?

Andrew Woolfolk, a saxophone player and multi-instrumentalist for Earth, Wind & Fire has died after a six-year illness, band frontman Philip Bailey confirmed in a social media post Tuesday afternoon. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame member was 71.

Who died out of Earth Wind and Fire?

Andrew Woolfolk, a longtime saxophonist for Earth, Wind & Fire, has died at 71. Lead singer of the band Philip J. Bailey announced Woolfolk’s death on Instagram Monday.