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Who played Reg in porridge?

Who played Reg in porridge?

Dudley Sutton

Dudley Sutton
Died 15 September 2018 (aged 85) Clapham, London, England
Nationality British
Occupation Actor
Years active 1957–2018

What did Dudley Sutton died of?

September 15, 2018Dudley Sutton / Date of death

What is tinkers real name in Lovejoy?

Actor Dudley Sutton, known to millions as Tinker Dill from TV’s Lovejoy, has died aged 85. A veteran of the small and big screen, he starred opposite Ian McShane’s roguish antiques dealer in the BBC comedy-drama from 1986 to 1994.

How old is Dudley Sutton?

85 years (1933–2018)Dudley Sutton / Age at death

Who played navy rum in porridge?

Paul Angelis
Paul Angelis: Navy Rum.

How tall is Dudley Sutton?

5′ 10″Dudley Sutton / Height

Is actor Dudley Sutton still alive?

Is Lovejoy dead?

Actor Dudley Sutton, known for playing Tinker Dill in the TV series Lovejoy, has died aged 85. The actor’s management said he died on peacefully surrounded by friends and family on Saturday afternoon following a battle with cancer.

How old is Ian McShane?

79 years (September 29, 1942)Ian McShane / Age

Who was Lovejoy’s sidekick?

For years people would shout “Tinker!” when Dudley Sutton walked past in the street. Tinker Dill, the beret, bow tie and check suit-wearing sidekick of Ian McShane’s roguish antiques dealer Lovejoy in the eponymous BBC comedy drama, was undoubtedly his best-known role.

Is Dudley Sutton actor still alive?

How old is Paul Angelis?

79 years (January 18, 1943)Paul Angelis / Age

Dudley Sutton (6 April 1933 – 15 September 2018) was an English actor. Active in radio, stage, film and television, he was arguably best known for his role as Tinker in the BBC Television drama series Lovejoy .

What did Chris Jury say about Dudley Sutton?

Fellow Lovejoy star Chris Jury, who played Eric Catchpole in the show, said he loved the actor “dearly”. My dear, dear pal. Dudley Sutton died today.

What happened to Dudley Sutton and Jane Wenham?

Dudley Sutton and Jane Wenham ( Urwin and Jamieson), died exactly a month apart in 2018. Goofs It is revealed that the Governor is teetotal, yet in the previous Christmas special, we are told that McKay drank sherry with him. Quotes

What happened to Mr Sutton?

Sutton died of cancer on 15 September 2018 at the age of 85. He is survived by three children, Peter, Barnaby and Fanny. Le Saint Saison 3 Episode 4 ( Le Scorpion ) 1964 – Eddy