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Who played Bob on Martin?

Who played Bob on Martin?

star Martin Lawrence
Bob, or “White Bob”, was a minor character, one of numerous characters played on Martin by series star Martin Lawrence. Bob only appears in 2 episodes, once in the first season and again in the second season.

Who is Bob from marketing?

Bob is a character who works in an unknown capacity at the marketing firm where Gina is employed, Bob is best described as a stereotypical surfer-dude-cum-redneck.

What episode of Martin was white bob in?

“Martin” Got to Be There (TV Episode 1993) – IMDb.

What is the mechanic name on Martin?

Elroy Preston
Elroy Preston is a character portrayed by Martin Lawrence. He is a parody of Elvis Presley. Elroy is a forgotten and washed up. Elroy works at a auto-mechanic, and best known for breaking into song while performing his mechanical duties.

Who is Dragonfly Jones?

Dragonfly Jones is a character portrayed by Martin Lawrence. He appears to be a middle-aged man who has a pot belly, a shaved head, and several missing front teeth. He wears a scarf tied around his head and a red kimono with his name and a few random patches stitched on.

Who plays Gina’s father in Martin?

J.A. Preston
J.A. Preston as Gina’s dad, Dr. Cliff Waters in the episode “The Parents are Coming” in Season 1 (#7).

Who is Dragonfly Jones twitter?

Dragonfly Jonez (@DragonflyJonez) As noted in his Twitter bio, Dragonfly Jonez has had his tweets featured on “CNN, MSN, Yahoo, Huffington Post, TMZ, ESPN, Fox News,The Washington Post,GQ, Gawker and USA Today.” Impressive, and for good reason considering his steady output of of humor and insights.

Who did Dragon Fly Jones fight?

After many failed attempts, martial arts ‘expert’ Dragonfly Jones finally wins a fight vs one of his students, Kenji(who is always demanding money from Dragonfly Jones).

Who is Ms Geri from Martin?

Martin (TV Series 1992–1997) – Jeri Gray as Ms. Geri, Registrant, Woman #1 – IMDb.

How old is Judy Elder?

73 years (August 18, 1948)Judyann Elder / Age

Who played Kenji on Martin?

Kenneth Whack
However, in one episode, she reveals that she is not drunk, that she is instead on medication. Kenji (Kenneth Whack): Dragonfly’s student.

Is Ms Jeri from Martin still alive?

Jeri Gray (1925–1997)