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Who pays more Sysco or US Foods?

Who pays more Sysco or US Foods?

Compare company reviews, salaries and ratings to find out if Sysco or US Foods is right for you. Sysco is most highly rated for Compensation and benefits and US Foods is most highly rated for Compensation and benefits. Learn more, read reviews and see open jobs.

How much do local Sysco drivers make?

SYSCO Corporation Jobs by Hourly Rate

Job Title Range Average
Job Title:Order Selector Range:$15 – $24 Average:$19
Delivery Driver Range:$13 – $30 Average:$20
Light Or Delivery Services Truck Driver Range:$13 – $30 Average:$20
Heavy / Tractor-Trailer Truck Driver Range:$16 – $31 Average:$22

Is US foods better than Sysco?

Sysco’s brand is ranked #146 in the list of Global Top 1000 Brands, as rated by customers of Sysco. Sysco has a neutral social sentiment, when analyzing social media channels and online mentions. Their current market cap is $39.81B. US FOODS INC….Sysco vs US FOODS INC.

46% Promoters
16% Passive
38% Detractors

Does Sysco use automatic trucks?

Auto, manual and paddle auto. If you slip seat you will have fun dealing with all the different transmissions.

Is US Foods owned by Sysco?

It’s still a controlled company Though US Foods wasn’t acquired by Sysco, it isn’t independent. The company was acquired by Clayton, Dubilier & Rice LLC and Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co.

Is US Foods a good place to work?

Good company to work for US Foods offers great company culture and growth for their employees. Great medical and dental benefits. Paid time off is also good especially for new hires.

Does Sysco have good benefits?

Sysco’s health and retirement benefits are at the core of our offerings, but we know that benefits needs vary. So, we offer a variety of healthcare options, along with life, disability and many other benefits to ensure that each individual’s unique needs are met.

How big of a company is Sysco?

Sysco, an acronym for Systems and Services Company, is the world’s largest broadline food distributor; it has more than 600,000 clients in a wide array of fields….Sysco.

Headquarters of Sysco in the Energy Corridor
Total assets US$17.757 billion (2017)
Total equity US$2.382 billion (2017)
Number of employees 69,000 (2017)

What type of drug test does Sysco use?

They take an urine sample for the drug screening.

Did Sysco merge with US Foods?

Sysco Corp. has terminated its merger with US Foods Inc., the company said Monday, 18 months after the $8.2 billion proposal to combine the nation’s two largest distributors rocked the foodservice industry.