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Who owns YOTEL New York?

Who owns YOTEL New York?

The company operates under three different brands: Yotel Air, Yotel and Yotel Pad….Yotel.

Product type Hotels
Owner Al-Bahar Group, United Investment Portugal, Kuwait Real Estate Company (AQARAT) and Starwood Capital Group
Introduced 2007
Related brands Yotel Air, Yotel Pad
Markets United States, EMEA, Asia-Pacific

Is YOTEL a franchise?

The group’s franchise business model allows investors and operators to benefit from YOTEL’s brand power as leader of the affordable luxury segment.

What kind of hotel is YOTEL?

YOTEL is a tech-led global hotel group made up of three brands: YOTEL, YOTELAIR, and YOTELPAD. The three brands were created under the same model: being smart by saving space and time to provide guests with a flawless experience. “Smart is about using technology and design to create that seamless experience.

In which city did YOTEL recently open their latest hotel?

Welcome to Miami Our first-ever joint YOTEL and YOTELPAD in the world opens this summer.

Is YOTEL related to Yo Sushi?

Company has several subsidiary companies and brands including: YO! Sushi – a chain of sushi restaurants. YOTEL – a chain of capsule hotels at airports and various cities.

Who founded YOTEL?

YOTEL was created by YO! Sushi founder Simon Woodroffe OBE and YOTEL’s first CEO Gerard Greene. The idea was conceived by Simon after he was upgraded into first class on a British Airways flight.

When did YOTEL New York Open?

June 2011
Opened in June 2011, YOTEL New York at Times Square West, located on West 42nd Street and 10th Avenue in the vibrant theatre district of Manhattan, features over 669 stylish cabins.

Does Yo Sushi own YOTEL?

YO! Sushi – a chain of sushi restaurants. YOTEL – a chain of capsule hotels at airports and various cities. YO! Japan – A Japanese-inspired clothing brand….YO! Company is a British holding company wholly owned by entrepreneur Simon Woodroffe.

Type Private, Holding company
Owner Simon Woodroffe

Who owns yo company?

Mayfair Equity Partners
YO! is now a global brand with close to 100 restaurants operating across 8 countries: most are located in the UK, with around 20 restaurants franchised overseas in France, Denmark, UAE (Dubai), KSA and Australia. The current owner is Mayfair Equity Partners. YO!’s CEO is Richard Hodgson, who has been CEO since 2017.

Who owns Yo Sushi?

YO! CompanyYO! Sushi / Owner

Which city is the next to join the YOTEL family?

The next YOTEL to open will be YOTEL and YOTELPAD Miami in spring 2022, followed by YOTEL Geneva later in the year.

Are Yo Sushi and Yotel the same?

Yotel, the pod hotel chain created by YO! Sushi founder Simon Woodroffe, is to open its first UK city centre site in Clerkenwell, London in late 2018. The group currently operates two UK properties at London Gatwick and Heathrow airports where guests stay for an average of just 5-6 hours.