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Who owns SeaLink Travel Group?

Who owns SeaLink Travel Group?

In 1989 the ferry operation was purchased by Malaysian company MBF and renamed Kangaroo Island SeaLink. In 1996, a group of South Australian investors and staff members purchased SeaLink from MBF, returning it to local ownership.

Who owns SeaLink ferry?

Lyncroft Holdings
A bit of history From 2004 to 2011 (7 years) the company was in the hands of the South Australian tourism operator, Kangaroo Island SeaLink. The company quietly reverted back to New Zealand ownership in 2011 and is now owned by Lyncroft Holdings.

How big is SeaLink?

50.6 metres long and 17.8 metres wide. Draught 2.5 metres with a top speed 17.8 knots.

When was SeaLink founded?

Kangaroo Island SeaLink was established in 1989 when it purchased the ferry operations of Philanderer Ferries that connected the South Australian mainland to Kangaroo Island.

How many cars does SeaLink ferry have?

50 cars
Up to 378 passengers, 50 cars or 4 coaches & 30 cars. 2 levels of passenger Air-conditioned lounges with licensed Café TV/Video Monitors. Disabled passenger toilets and baby change table.

Can I take my dog on SeaLink?

Yes, you can take your dog or cat on the ferry at no charge. One person only is to be in charge of taking pets onto the ferry. Unless your pet is remaining in your vehicle for the duration of the crossing, you must wait with your pet to board the ferry via the car loading ramp.

Is SeaLink public transport?

“Our public transport, ferry, and tourism customers will still see all the brands they know and love, across Australia and the world,” he said. Since humble beginnings in 1989 operating one ferry to Kangaroo Island, SeaLink Travel Group has experienced a remarkable period of growth.

How fast does the SeaLink ferry go?

Specifications: 50.6 metres long and 17.8 metres wide. Draught 2.5 metres with a top speed 17.8 knots.

Can you take your own boat to Kangaroo Island?

yes you can take boats to the island.

How long does the SeaLink ferry take?

45 minutes
SeaLink operates two large, modern vehicle and passenger ferries, SeaLion 2000 and Spirit of Kangaroo Island, with the journey taking just 45 minutes for the 16km crossing.

What is Sealinks new name?

Kelsian Group Limited is the new name for the SeaLink Travel Group. Kelsian Group Limited is Australia’s largest integrated land and marine, tourism and public transport service provider with established international operations in London and Singapore.

Is there snakes on Kangaroo Island?

Kangaroo Island is home to two prominent species of snake, the Black Tiger snake (not always black) and the Pygmy Copperhead snake.