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Who owns reithoffer shows?

Who owns reithoffer shows?

Bette Reithoffer, Pat Jr’s wife and our Matriarch, is very proud that the fifth generation of Reithoffers have graduated and now joined the family business. While the 6th generation is just starting college! It has been a long journey and we’re not finished yet.

What replaced Stinger at Dorney Park?

Stinger, formerly Invertigo, was a steel inverted shuttle roller coaster located at Dorney Park in Allentown, Pennsylvania, USA….Stinger.

Dorney Park
Location Allentown, Pennsylvania, USA
Operated April 28, 2012 to 2017
Replaced Laser

Why did Dorney Park removing stinger?

Stinger, which came to us from our sister park California’s Great America in 2012, will be removed to make room for future planning opportunities. We don’t have details to share right now, but we are working on future planning and development of the park.

Is Stinger still at Dorney Park?

On December 15, 2017, Dorney Park announced on their website that Stinger would be removed. The ride was scrapped prior to the 2018 operating season. After Stinger was torn down, its train was reused on Invertigo at Kings Island.

What happened at Dorney Park?

ALLENTOWN, Pa. — It was a scary moment for those aboard a roller coaster at Dorney Park Monday when an emergency light prompted the evacuation of the ride. It happened around noon on The Talon roller coaster.

Why is Dorney Park closed?

Those that did open, like Dorney, were closed for a substantial portion of the season with restrictions including capacity limits, required reservations, and restricted ride and attraction access, the lawsuit says. Dorney Park cut the 2020 season short, closing after Sept.

Do you have to wear a mask at Dorney Park?

Face coverings are required on Dorney Park rides. A face covering is required for all guests over the age of 2. A face covering is always required except while in a RelaxZone, while dining at a table or bench, while waiting in line for water attractions or when experiencing water attractions or pools.

Is Dorney Lake open?

Please note that our Grounds are to be closed to the General Public during the Spring/Summer months from Monday 11th April 2022 until September 2022.

Does Dorney Park close during rain?

Most rides and attractions remain open during rain. Some attractions will close when inclement weather prohibits their safe operation, but will reopen as soon as it is safe to do so. Please enjoy a show, meal or shopping until such weather passes. Admission tickets are non-refundable.

Why is Dorney Lake closed 2022?

The perimeter to the site was closed in March of this year following reports of anti-social behaviour and vandalism. A petition, launched on, has blasted the decision, claiming that the site is a vital local amenity to help residents exercise and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

Can dogs go to Dorney Lake?

Can I walk my dog around Dorney Lake? Yes, however dogs should be kept on a lead at all times and we ask that dog waste is taken away with you.

Is Dorney Park Safe?

The answer to ” are they safe ” is a resounding YES ! PA and neighboring states residents can feel very comfortable in sending their children to Pennsylvania amusement parks such as Dorney and others such as Hershey Park, Knobel’s and even the traveling carnaval and midway shows that perform within the commonwealth.