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Who owns choupette now?

Who owns choupette now?

In January 2020, Caroline Lebar, head of communications for the Karl Lagerfeld brand, told the New York Times that the spoiled feline is now living with her ‘nanny’, Karl’s housekeeper Françoise Caçote. “She lives with her nanny here in Paris. She is in good shape, and is surrounded by love,” Caroline said.

How old is Choupette?

Choupette (born 15 August 2011) is a blue-cream tortie Birman cat which was the pet of German fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld from around Christmas 2011 until Lagerfeld’s death on 19 February 2019 at the age of 85….Choupette.

Species Felis catus
Owner Karl Lagerfeld (2011–2019) (his death)

What did choupette inherit?

When Karl Lagerfeld died in 2019, rumours circulated that his Birman cat, Choupette, was to inherit his $270 million (approx.) fortune.

Who has Choupette?

When the male model left Choupette in the care of Lagerfeld for two weeks, it was all over. Lagerfeld demanded that Choupette be his, and Giabiconi gifted her to him. “He got another cat who became fat, and Choupette became the most famous cat in the world, and the richest,” Lagerfeld told the Cut in 2015.

Who inherited Karl Lagerfeld’s estate?

Among those said to inherit considerable portions of the designer’s fortune: his faithful public-relations assistant Caroline Lebar; the model Brad Kroenig and his towheaded 12-year-old son, Hudson, Lagerfeld’s godson, whose toddles down the runway in Chanel tweed fans will never forget; Françoise Caçote, “governess” …

Did Karl Lagerfeld leave his money to his cat?

It’s believed the Paris born genius left around £178million but whispers say his money could amount to £400million. Karl died aged 85 in February last year. Often the late fashion designer mused leaving everything in his name to his red point Birman cat Choupette.

How much is Choupette worth?

Choupette – US$13 million The most famous cat in fashion, Choupette, is Karl Lagerfeld’s Birman kitty and the fashion mogul’s one true love. While Lagerfeld left her a vast inheritance when he died in 2019, the kitty has made nearly US$4.5 million in her own right from modelling contracts and endorsements.

What does the name Choupette mean?

Choupette means “sweetie” in French. In fact, the cat wasn’t the only Choupette in Lagerfeld’s life as he also revealed to British Vogue that he refers to his favourite models by the nickname.

Did Karl Lagerfeld leave all his money to his cat?

Who is the richest cat ever?

Blackie – $25 million According to Guinness World Records, the richest cat in the world was Blackie, who inherited a $13 million property when its owner, a British antique dealer named Ben Rea, died in 1988.

Is Choupette the richest cat?