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Who originally sang paralyzer?

Who originally sang paralyzer?

Finger Eleven

Songwriter(s) Scott Anderson Sean Anderson Rich Beddoe James Black Rick Jackett
Producer(s) Johnny K
Finger Eleven singles chronology
“Thousand Mile Wish” (2004) “Paralyzer” (2007) “Falling On” (2007)

Who wrote Paralyzer Finger Eleven?

James Black
Scott AndersonRich BeddoeRick JackettSean Anderson

What genre is Paralyzer by Finger Eleven?


When did Paralyzer by Finger Eleven come out?

2007Paralyzer / Released

What movie is the song Paralyzer in?

Some of Finger Eleven’s most popular songs include One Thing, which was featured in the The Break-Up soundtrack, and Paralyzer, featured in the Band Hero soundtrack.

How did Finger Eleven get their name?

The name Finger Eleven comes from an earlier version of the song Thin Spirits from the album Tip. Lead singer, Scott Anderson explains: “when everything is pushing you in one direction and your instinct drives you in another–that’s finger eleven.”

What movie is the song Paralyzer?

How do you make Paralyzers with vodka?


  1. 1 fluid ounce vodka.
  2. 1 fluid ounce coffee flavored liqueur.
  3. ½ cup milk.
  4. ⅛ teaspoon cola-flavored carbonated beverage.

Who did the Rainbow Butt Monkeys become?

Finger Eleven is a rock band that formed in Burlington, Ont, in 1989 under the name Rainbow Butt Monkeys with Scott Anderson (vocals), James Black (guitar), Rick Jackett (guitar), Sean Anderson (bass) and Rob Gobberman (drums). Rich Beddoe replaced Gobberman in 1998.

Does Drowning Pool have a new singer?

We recently reported that Drowning Pool’s new vocalist is Suicide Hook singer Jasen Moreno and now the band has officially confirmed the news. After parting ways with former singer Ryan McCombs, Drowning Pool recruited Moreno to go on the road with them.

Is Paralyzer a word?

Paralyzer definition One who or that which paralyzes.