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Who narrates the Great War?

Who narrates the Great War?

The narrator was Michael Redgrave, with readings by Marius Goring, Ralph Richardson, Cyril Luckham, Sebastian Shaw and Emlyn Williams. Each episode is c. 40 minutes long.

Did Ken Burns do a documentary about ww1?

The War is a seven-part American television documentary miniseries about World War II from the perspective of the United States. The program was directed by American filmmakers Ken Burns and Lynn Novick, written by Geoffrey Ward, and narrated primarily by Keith David.

What did they call ww1 at the time?

Great War
‘Great War’ was the most commonly used name for the First World War at the time, although ‘European War’ was also sometimes used.

What was world war 1 called before WWII?

The Great War
The term “First World War” came into use on or close to 3 September 1939. That is to say, as soon as the Second World War started. Until then it had been referred to as The Great War.

Did Tom Hanks narrate the war?

LOS ANGELES – Tom Hanks is still on a mission when it comes to the Second World War. The star of “Saving Private Ryan” is serving as narrator and adviser for a documentary production as the National World War II Museum in New Orleans prepares to open new attractions amid a US$300 million expansion.

Is Ken Burns still married to Julie Brown?

In 1982, Burns married Amy Stechler. The couple had two daughters, Sarah and Lilly. Their marriage ended in divorce in 1993. As of 2017, Burns was residing in Walpole, New Hampshire, with his second wife, Julie Deborah Brown, whom he married on October 18, 2003.

Who won WW1 and who lost?

The war pitted the Central Powers—mainly Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Turkey—against the Allies—mainly France, Great Britain, Russia, Italy, Japan, and, from 1917, the United States. It ended with the defeat of the Central Powers.

What was the nickname for WW1?

Other names for World War 1 include ‘The War to End All Wars’, The War of the Nations, WW1 and ‘The Great War’. The Americans joined World War 1 after 128 Americans were killed by a German submarine.

What was a nickname for ww2?

‘Desert Fox’ Was WWII Nickname | AP News.