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Who makes Sylvania products?

Who makes Sylvania products?

Osram Sylvania
Sylvania is a Canadian multinational electronics corporation headquartered in Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada. The company is owned in North America by Osram Sylvania and, outside of North America, Feilo Sylvania. The two license the brand to other companies for various products.

Did Sylvania go out of business?

They were one of the companies involved in the development of the COBOL programming language. Sylvania Electric Products Inc….Sylvania Electric Products Inc.

Formerly Hygrade Sylvania Corporation (1931–1942)
Founded 1931
Defunct 1959
Fate Merged with General Telephone
Successor General Telephone and Electronics (GTE)

How do I contact Sylvania?

Please contact [email protected], please include the reference number you were provided when you filed your claim. If you do not have a reference number please provide as much detail as possible in order that we may better assist you.

When did Sylvania go out of business?

January 1993
OSRAM SYLVANIA carves out LEDVANCE: January 1993: OSRAM SYLVANIA was created in North America when Munich-based OSRAM GmbH acquired SYLVANIA from GTE. In other parts of the world, Sylvania became SLI Holdings, which then became Havells Sylvania and is now Feilo Sylvania.

Where are Sylvania Products manufactured?

The SYLVANIA LED light bulbs are assembled via the new manufacturing lines managed and operated by U.S. employees, with most of the products using glass made at the Versailles factory.

Is Sylvania Made in USA?

Made in USA Light Bulbs Sylvania is a lighting company that offers LED light bulbs that are assembled in the USA for residential and commercial lighting. Sylvania LED light bulbs are assembled at facilities located in St. Mary’s, Pennsylvania and Versailles, Kentucky.

Is Sylvania a Chinese company?

Formed in January 2016, Feilo Sylvania is 80% owned by Shanghai Feilo Acoustics Co Ltd, which is principally engaged in the manufacture and distribution of lighting equipment. Headquartered in Shanghai, Shanghai Feilo Acoustics Co Ltd was founded in 1984 and is China’s first joint-stock company (SH 600651).

What’s the number for SYLVANIA?

For questions about SYLVANIA products, fitment or our warranty, please contact customer service at: 1-800-729-3777 or use our general inquiries form. The team is available Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm EST.

How does SYLVANIA warranty work?

SYLVANIA lightbar and light pod assemblies are backed by a Lifetime Limited Warranty. SYLVANIA will provide a free replacement with the same or a suitable replacement product if it fails to light. Cost of installation is not covered. Registration required.

Are there any light bulbs not made in China?

Where are Sylvania bulbs made?

Made in Europe Feilo Sylvania is proud of their strong manufacturing heritage in Europe. For over 100 years, group brands: Concord, Lumiance and Sylvania have manufactured lamps and luminaires in Belgium, Germany, France and the UK.

Where are Sylvania bulbs manufactured?