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Who makes Sensus water meters?

Who makes Sensus water meters?

the Xylem family
As part of the Xylem family, Sensus is backed by all the expertise and resources of this global organization. Each day, our smart solutions connect water and energy providers to their communities. Together we are creating a more sustainable world by enabling our customers to optimize water and resource management.

Where are Sensus water meters manufactured?

Sensus has opened a new meter manufacturing and assembly facility in Fuzhou, Fujian Province, the People’s Republic of China. The facility, with the capacity to produce 150,000 meters annually, will meet demand for Sensus meters in Asia as well as Oceania, South America and Europe.

Who makes Sensus gas meters?

Xylem US
Sensus Products | Smart Water Meters, Gas Meters, Electric Meters | Xylem US.

Who bought Sensus?

Xylem Inc.
Xylem Inc. to acquire Sensus, a global leader in smart meters, network technologies and advanced data analytics solutions for the water industry, for $1.7 billion in cash. Xylem Inc.

Is Sensus a water meter?

The Sensus 640C has been designed in conjunction with the Water Utilities to provide exceptional performance coupled with the very latest wireless communications technology.

What is Sensus Xylem?

Sensus, a Xylem brand, provides remotely-managed products and solutions that deliver the right data at the right time for investor-owned utilities, cooperatives and municipalities.

How does a digital water meter work?

How do digital water meters work? The digital water meter reads the volume of water that enters your property in real-time and wirelessly sends this information back to South East Water. We can then identify irregular water use patterns – which may be caused by a water leak at the property.

Did Xylem buy Sensus?

Xylem Inc. (NYSE: XYL), a leading global water technology company dedicated to solving the world’s most challenging water issues, today announced that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Sensus for approximately $1.7 billion in cash.

How do you read a Sensus digital water meter?

The Sensus meter is read from left to right. The first 4 numbers are the 1000’s that we read (example – 699,000.0 gallons total went through this meter since it was installed). If the RED circle is moving, there is water currently flowing through the meter. The AMCO meter is read from left to right.

What a water meter looks like?

It’s small, round and about the size of a tin of beans. It has a row of black and red numbers, which move round as you use more water.