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Who makes Open Range travel trailers?

Who makes Open Range travel trailers?

It all started in March of 2014 when Jayco purchased assets of Open Range RV. Today, Highland Ridge RV is a subsidiary of Jayco and operates its own manufacturing facilities, service and warranty group, sales team, management and leadership teams.

Is Open Range a good brand?

They are high-quality RVs Open Range trailers are some of the best quality travel trailers currently available on the market. They feature a tough exterior, quality finishing, ingenious floor plans, and best-in-class features and appliances.

Is Open Range made by Jayco?

The Open Range company was founded in 2007 when it began manufacturing towable motorhomes. However, after a few years of success in the RV market, the company ultimately decided to become a subsidiary of the well-known RV company Jayco in 2014.

Who makes Open Range Ultra Lite campers?

2021 Highland Ridge OPEN RANGE ULTRA LITE UT2402BH 2021 Highland Ridge Open Range Ultra Lite 2402BH This 29’1” travel trailer has a wonderful setup for a family.

Who manufactures Mesa Ridge?

Highland RV
The Mesa Ridge travel trailer and fifth wheels by Highland RV are a unique 100″ wide-body series and is the most affordable towable from Highland Ridge RV.

Who owns Jayco RV?

Thor IndustriesJayco, Inc. / Parent organization

Who makes Mesa Ridge RV?

Highland Ridge RV
2022 Mesa Ridge Travel Trailer | Highland Ridge RV.

Who makes Mesa Ridge fifth wheels?

Each Mesa Ridge full-profile fifth wheel by Highland Ridge RV has been designed for extended use during any season with lots of space and plenty of storage. The 4-point or 6-point automatic leveling system allows you to set up quickly, and the JT Strong Arm stabilizers help eliminate movement inside the unit.

Who makes Highland Mesa Ridge?

Who makes Mesa Ridge travel trailers?

2021 Mesa Ridge Travel Trailers | Highland Ridge RV.

What features are available on open range RV trailers?

Features such as automatic leveling, flat screen television and up to five slide-out sections are available on Open Range RV trailers. TRAVEL TRAILERS/5TH WHEELS – For information after 2015, please refer to Highland Ridge RV.

What is the length of a 2015 travel trailers?

2015 Note Travel Trailers Length Width Coach Design Slides M-337RLS 36′ 8’4″ Travel Trailers 3 M-340FLR 36′ 8’4″ Travel Trailers 3 M-359FKS 38′ 8’4″ Travel Trailers 3

How big is a 2015 m-337rls travel trailer?

2015 Note Travel Trailers Length Width Coach Design Self Cont. M-337RLS 36′ 8’4″ Travel Trailers Yes M-340FLR 36′ 8’4″ Travel Trailers Yes M-359FKS 38′ 8’4″ Travel Trailers Yes

What are the features of a journeyer travel trailer?

Journeyer travel trailers includes 2nd ducted air conditioner, fireplace, island on casters, two recliners, Four Seasons, Executive Package, aluminum wheels, stabilizer bars, front/rear stab jacks and power tongue jack. 340FLR also includes ceiling fan.