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Who makes audison?

Who makes audison?

Elettromedia s.r.l.
Audison is one of the brands of the Italian company Elettromedia s.r.l., a manufacturer of car audio products.

How good are audison speakers?

Audison makes some of the highest-quality and best-sounding speakers that you can buy for your car. Their Thesis and Voce lines set benchmarks for high-end car audio speakers. All of that technology has filtered down to the Prima line, which brings that amazing sound down to a more affordable price point.

Where are audison speakers made?

Six models made to perfectly balance size, versatility, power and sound quality: all of this ensuring quality and finish, in the tradition of the Audison “Made in Italy”. Its design develops around the concept of total aluminium and the SRx confirms to be the “youngest”, coolest amplifier of the Audison brand.

Is Hertz and audison the same?

Hertz and Audison are owned by the same company and share a lot of similarities.

Is audison and Hertz the same company?

Elettromedia adopted a co-branding strategy, providing the ability to fully meet our customers’ needs. With Audison, Hertz, Connection and AZaudiocomp the company offers all the components that are necessary to build a complete, high quality car audio system.

Are Hertz and audison the same company?

Hertz and Audison are owned by the same company and share a lot of similarities. The Bit One DSP is identical to the H8. Although Audison does make a nicer DSP controller.

Does audison make good amplifiers?

Audison amplifiers are indeed the top of the crop for car audio. They recently won the “Amplifier of the year” award at the CES and EISA Awards. Installing Audison amp(s) in your car will get you that much closer to audio perfection. They are that good.

Is Hertz and audison the same company?

What is the most powerful car amplifier?

Rockford Fosgate 2500 Watt Class-BD Constant Power Amplifier – T2500-1BDCP.