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Who made the farthest goal in soccer?

Who made the farthest goal in soccer?

goalkeeper Tom King
Newport County’s goalkeeper Tom King has scored the longest ever goal in a competitive soccer match at 105 yards. More on: England.

What is the farthest free-kick scored?

105 yards
On 19 January 2021, King lined up a goal kick for Newport County against Cheltenham Town and, thanks to the weather, the ball sailed all the way from his net into the opposition keeper’s. Guinness World Record officially confirmed it as the longest goal ever recording it from 105 yards (96.01 metres) away.

Who is the best long range shooters in football history?

Cristiano Ronaldo has scored a goal from outside the 18-yard box every 19.2 games in his senior career. He is the most prolific goal scorer in the game’s history and one of the best long shot takers of all time. Ronaldo’s shots can be compared to Roberto Carlos’, who stands as the best shooter in football history.

What is long range goals?

What Are Long-term Goals? A long-term goal is a goal you want to accomplish in the future. Often, they are objectives tied to succeeding in your professional or personal life. Unlike life goals, long-term goals aren’t life-long endeavors.

Who scored the quickest goal ever?

Turkey’s Hakan Sukur holds the record of scoring the fastest goal in the competition’s history when he netted in the 11th second of their third-place play-offs match against South Korea in 2002.

What is Ronaldo’s longest goal?

The 37-year-old’s strike from the edge of the box ultimately helped his team to a much-needed 2-0 win and boosted their hopes of finishing in the top four, but it also marked the end of his goal drought at 587 minutes (per ESPN’s Stats & Information), his longest in more than 11½ years.

What is Ronaldo longest goal?

Ronaldo’s last goal came against Burnley on December 30 in the Premier League, a game United won 3-1….Cristiano Ronaldo’s longest goal drought (2008/09)

Date Match Competition
29/12/08 Manchester United 1-0 Middlesbrough Premier League 2008/09

Who scored the longest goal ever?

The record for the longest goal scored in football history belongs to goalkeeper Tom King after he scored from 105 yards (96.01m) for Newport County against Cheltenham Town.

Who is the king of curve in football?

Roberto Carlos curve… ever. Carlos is probably best known for his incredible ability to curve the ball outside and inside.

Who is the king of long range goals?

Tom King
#1 Tom King — 96.01m (January 19, 2021) Tom King made headlines during the start of this year. The Newport County goalkeeper dethroned Asmir Begovic to register the Guinness World Record for the longest goal in football to his name.