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Who is Zoosk owned by?

Who is Zoosk owned by?

Spark Networks SE
Berlin-based Spark Networks, the owner of niche dating app brands like Christian Mingle, Jdate, LDSsingles, Silver Singles, JSwipe and others, today announced it has acquired competitor Zoosk for a combination of cash and stock.

Is Zoosk owned by Facebook?

Zoosk. Zoosk began as a Facebook app way back in 2007 — which is ironic because you don’t need a Facebook account to meet people on Zoosk. Because of the app’s photo verification tool, Zoosk is known as one of the safest dating apps around.

What does Zoosk stand for?

ZOOSK. Zeal Of Others Seeking Kindreds.

Where did the name Zoosk come from?

According to a user from Australia, the name Zoosk is of Aboriginal origin and means “Fools”.

How does Zoosk make money?

What makes Zoosk different than others in the space is its other revenue stream: digital currency. The site sells what it calls “Zoosk coins,” which are virtual coins that can be used to “unlock and access premium features that help you promote yourself and stand out.”

Where is Zoosk headquarters?

San Francisco, CAZoosk / Headquarters

Where is Zoosk located?

San Francisco, CA
Zoosk is based in San Francisco, CA and backed by Canaan Partners, Bessemer Venture Partners, and ATA Ventures.

Is Zoosk worth the money?

In most cases, the answer is going to be yes. Compared with the rest of the online dating site costs, Zoosk leans to the less-expensive side. And when you compare the lower price tag with the robust list of features you get, Zoosk is certainly worth the money to upgrade.

Is Zoosk better than match?

Both Match and Zoosk have a handful of helpful features that aid in your online dating journey, but if you look at it from simply a quantity point of view, Match trumps Zoosk on features. Part of what attracts people to Zoosk is the clean interface but along with that comes less features overall.

Where is zoosk created?

Fremont, California
In July 2019, Zoosk became part of Spark Networks SE. Zoosk, Inc….Zoosk.

Industry Consumer services
Founded Fremont, California, U.S. (2007)
Founder Alex Mehr Shayan Zadeh Brad Henrickson John Smart
Headquarters Berlin , Germany

Can zoosk be trusted?

From the outset, Zoosk is a legit dating site. Founded by Shayan Zadeh and Alex Mehr back in 2007, it now has millions of members who are looking for a significant other. And, The Date Mix would know a lot about Zoosk, full disclosure, we’re owned and operated by Zoosk.

Is zoosk just a hookup site?

Is Zoosk just a hookup site? No, Zoosk is not just a hookup site. That being said, there are quite a few users who are on the site looking to find people for casual dating. There are also plenty of users looking for more serious and committed relationships, as well.