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Who is the tax collector in DeSoto County MS?

Who is the tax collector in DeSoto County MS?

Joey Treadway
If mailing in your payment, please make check or money order payable to Joey Treadway, Tax Collector.

How do I pay my Mississippi property taxes online?

Go to There is an additional convenience fee to pay through the portal.

Who is DeSoto County Assessor?

Assessor Jeff Fitch
DeSoto County Tax Assessor Jeff Fitch is serving his first term as tax assessor of DeSoto County. As tax assessor, his duties include: Maintaining the tax maps. Assisting homeowners with Homestead Exemption applications from January 1 through April 1 of each year.

How much are property taxes in DeSoto County MS?

Mississippi Property Tax Rates

County Median Home Value Average Effective Property Tax Rate
DeSoto County $162,000 0.77%
Forrest County $120,700 0.94%
Franklin County $76,500 0.64%
George County $109,800 0.75%

What are the property taxes in Mississippi?

All property, real and personal, is appraised at true value and assessed at a percentage of true value according to its type and use. Assessment ratios are 10%, 15%, and 30%.

Where do I mail my Mississippi State tax payment?

You have the following options to pay your tax:

  1. Send credit card payment through third-party website.
  2. Mail in a check. You need to attach Payment Voucher (Form MS 80-125) Office of Revenue. P.O. Box 23075. Jackson, MS 39225-3075.

What district is DeSoto?

DeSoto Independent School District is a school district based in DeSoto, Texas (USA). The district covers most of DeSoto, the Dallas County portion of Glenn Heights, and a section of Ovilla in Dallas County, as well as a small portion of Cedar Hill….

DeSoto Independent School District
Faculty 1,051 (2021-2022)

How long can you go without paying property taxes in Mississippi?

two years
Redemption Period in Mississippi In Mississippi, most homeowners get two years after the sale to redeem the home. (Miss. Code Ann. § 27-45-3, § 21-33-61).

Is the Mississippi State Tax Collector office in Southaven closed?

The Tax Collector Offices in Hernando, Southaven, and Olive Branch will be closed Tuesday, November 26, 2021 from 11am-1pm for training. The Office of the Tax Collector is established by Article 5, Section 135 of the Mississippi Constitution.

Where is the tax collector in DeSoto County Mississippi?

Desoto County Tax Collector Office. Address. 8525 Highway 51, Southaven, Mississippi, 38671. Phone. 662-342-6411.

What is the Office of the Mississippi State Tax Collector?

The Office of the Tax Collector is established by Article 5, Section 135 of the Mississippi Constitution. This position is elected for a four year term by the county at large. The Tax Collector is responsible for the collection of taxes on:

Where can I find the DeSoto County tax receipt inquiry?

The Tax Collector provides the Tax Receipt Inquiry online as a service to the constituents of DeSoto County. The information on this website is updated constantly. While DeSoto County tries to ensure the accuracy of the online version it’s data, there may be omissions or additional information not represented here and this data is not official.