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Who is the killer in the movie detention?

Who is the killer in the movie detention?

A serial killer known as Cinderhella is on the loose and preying on Grizzly Lake High’s student body. Viewers are introduced to misfit students Riley, Ione, Toshiba, Mimi, and Clapton, as well as Sander who is infatuated with Riley.

Is detention based on a true story?

The story and game are inspired by true events, specifically the 1947 Keelung Senior High School incident.

Where was detention of the dead filmed?

Filming began in spring 2011. It had a small theatrical release in Los Angeles on June 28, 2013, and was released on DVD on July 23, 2013….

Detention of the Dead
Produced by Michael Manasseri Brooke P. Anderson
Starring Jacob Zachar Alexa Nikolas Christa B. Allen Jayson Blair Justin Chon Max Adler

What does detention in school mean?

Detention is a consequence in which students are required to remain in a presumably undesirable place for a specified amount of time outside of school hours. Typically, detentions are served after school.

What is freight detention?

Detention: Costs incurred by a customer for using equipment beyond the given free time, typically outside of the terminal. Detention is charged when the carrier’s equipment is still in use by the shipper or consignee beyond the LFD, regardless if full or empty.

What is the story behind detention?

Synopsis. Set in 1960s Taiwan of the White Terror period, students Wei and Ray find themselves trapped and vulnerable in Greenwood High School (翠華中學), which is located in a remote mountainous area. The place they once knew has changed in unsettling ways, haunted by evil creatures known as the “lingered” (魍魎).

Why is detention Movie Banned in China?

It’s not just the physical torture that they use but also the way they use fear to control people and to encourage conformity. There are truly chilling and disturbing scenes reflecting the consequences of one person providing information to the government. The film and video game have been banned in China.

Who invented detention?

London is known as the birthplace of modern imprisonment. A Philosopher named Jeremy Bentham was against the death penalty and thus created a concept for a prison that would be used to hold prisoners as a form of punishment.

What are detention costs?

What is Quay rent?

Asides from costs incurred from carriers for the use of their containers at terminals, the terminals themselves will often apply a charge for the space being occupied by that container outside of the time allowed. This charge is collected by the carriers on the terminals behalf and is often referred to as quay rent.

How many endings does Detention have?

How many endings in Detention? Is there a good ending? There are 2 Endings.