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Who is the killer in possessed?

Who is the killer in possessed?

killer Hwang Dae-doo
When possessed, he could control a drug that can turn people into a Zombie like creature. A follower of the serial killer Hwang Dae-doo who briefly inhibits his spirit. He is killed after he is shot multiple times by policemen.

Who is the killer in stranger Kdrama?

Her murderer, revealed to be Lee Yoon-beom’s right-hand man Woo Byung-joon, is eventually caught in Taiwan. She briefly appears in the last episode of the second season in Hwang Si-mok’s dream, along with Lee Chang-joon, Yoon Se-won and Kang Won-chul.

Is possessed Kdrama scary?

Possessed is more of a horror thriller in many ways. The opening is pure horror before the story moves into more of a thriller with horror elements. We are, after all, dealing with a serial killer.

Does possessed Kdrama have a happy ending?

I never expected a happy ending for them – not when the world is ending all around them – but Pil-sung finds himself in circumstances that would break even the strongest man. He has one last plan to defeat evil and save the world, one so crazy that it shouldn’t even work, but it’s literally all he has left.

What does possessed mean?

Definition of possessed 1a(1) : influenced or controlled by something (such as an evil spirit, a passion, or an idea) (2) : mad, crazed.

Who kidnap Seo Dong Jae?

In episode 13, Shi-mok comes to this realization after he has looked into all avenues, from the cases that Dong-jae was looking at in his free time to the case that the two of them were working on for Special Prosecutor Woo Tae-ha, there was no one who hated Dong-jae enough to abduct him.

Why is stranger called stranger?

The word stranger derives from the Middle French word estrangier, meaning a foreigner or alien. The boundaries of what people or groups are considered strangers varies according to circumstances and culture, and those in the fields of sociology and philosophy in a variety of broader contexts.

Does possessed have a happy ending?

Is possessed Korean drama worth watching?

It’s just really good and I wanted to bring attention to it and have an opportunity to find other people who may be watching it, too.

How do you spell Possed?

Correct pronunciation for the word “POSSED” is [pˈɒst], [pˈɒst], [p_ˈɒ_s_t].