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Who is the first husband of Ayesha Dhawan?

Who is the first husband of Ayesha Dhawan?

Ayesha Mukherjee Bio

Name Ayesha Mukherjee
Height 5 ft 5 inches
Weight 60 kg
Spouse First Husband (Name not Known) (Divorced) Second Husband (Shikhar Dhawan) (Married. 2012, Divorced. 2021)
Children Son- Zoravar ( with Shikhar Dhawan, born in 2014) Daughter- Rhea (First husband) Aliyah (First Husband)

What is the age of Ayesha Mukherjee?

46 years (August 27, 1975)Ayesha Mukherjee / Age

What does Ayesha Dhawan do?

Ayesha Mukherjee/Professions

Who is Alia Dhawan?

Aliyah Dhawan is the stepdaughter of Indian cricketer Shikhar Dhawan and currently living in Melbourne, Australia with her mother Ayesha Dhawan. She can often be spotted at cricket stadiums cheering for her father. Ayesha Dhawan first marriage was to an Australian businessman in around 1998-99.

Who is Dhawan’s wife?

Ayesha MukherjeeShikhar Dhawan / Wife (m. 2012–2021)

What is the age of Shikhar Dhawan?

36 years (December 5, 1985)Shikhar Dhawan / Age

What is the height of Shikhar Dhawan?

5′ 11″Shikhar Dhawan / Height

How did Shikhar and Ayesha meet?

Later, Ayesha met Shikhar Dhawan on Facebook, and with the help of their mutual friend Harbhajan Singh, both of them started talking to each other, and soon, they fell in love. The couple tied the knot in 2012 in a traditional Sikh wedding and Dhawan adopted Ayesha’s daughters happily.

Who is aesha Mukherji?

Aesha is a former kickboxer and has earned a reputation after playing at both national and international levels. Aesha Mukherji on Tuesday announced her divorce from India cricketer Shikhar Dhawan. After being with each other for over eight years, the two have parted ways.

Where is Ayesha Mukherjee from?

IndiaAyesha Mukherjee / Place of birth

Is Dhawan married?

Ayesha MukherjeeShikhar Dhawan / Spouse (m. 2012–2021)