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Who is the first female principal of St Jago?

Who is the first female principal of St Jago?

The Principal at St Jago High School is currently Collette Feurtado-Pryce, who was appointed to the position in January 2016. The Senior Vice Principal at St Jago High School is Mrs Antoinette Wright-Dallen and the Junior Vice Principal is Mrs. Careen James-Barnett….

St. Jago High School

What is the oldest school in Jamaica?

the Wolmer’s Schools
The school was established in January 1786, and is the fifth-oldest high school in the country, after Wolmer’s Boys’, one of the Wolmer’s Schools (1729), Manning’s School (1738), St….Titchfield High School.

Titchfield High School, Jamaica
Grades 7-13
Language English (British)
Hours in school day 8.5

How many students attend St Jago High School?

Jago High School. More than 1,600 students now attend the school at its new location on Monk Street. St. Jago currently offers a full academic and sports programme, including football, volleyball, basketball, table tennis, rugby and track and field.

What is the biggest high school in Jamaica?

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  • Hillel Academy is the largest international school in Jamaica.
  • The Hillel Academy campus is comprised of a Preparatory School (age 3 -11) and a High School (age 11-19).
  • The school was founded by the Jewish community in 1969 and has been accredited by AdvanceEd and SACS-CASI since 1999.

How old is St Jago High?

St. Jago High School in Spanish Town, St Catherine, Jamaica, founded in 1744, is one of the oldest, continuously operated schools in the Western Hemisphere. It is renowned for graduating some of Jamaica’s senior military officers, world class cricketers, academic scholars, performing artists, and Olympic athletes.

What is the number 1 school in Jamaica?

Campion College
Top Schools

1 Campion College 97.6%
2 Wolmers Girls’ School 96.8%
3 St. Hilda’s High School 96.2%

When was St Jago High School founded?

1744St Jago High School / Founded

What is the best high school in Jamaica 2020?

Latest high school ranking Jamaica’s 31 top-performing institutions

  • deCarteret High School (85%)
  • St Hugh’s High School for Girls (84.4%)
  • Morant Bay High (84%)
  • St George’s College (80%)
  • St Jago High (79.13%)
  • Herbert Morrison Technical High School (76%)
  • The Queen’s School for Girls (75.4%)
  • Denbigh High School (74.13%)

Where is St Jago Island?

Cape Verde Islands
Latest appearance. St. Jago was the largest island of Cape Verde Islands.

Which high school is the brightest in Jamaica?


  • Immaculate Conception High 100%
  • Campion College 99.5%
  • St. Hilda’s Diocesan High 98.84%
  • Hampton high 97.7%
  • Mount Alvernia High 97.66%
  • Wolmer’s Girls School 96.9%
  • Westwood High 95.21%
  • Glenmuir High 95.14%

What is the second oldest high school in Jamaica?

History. Wolmer’s is the second oldest high school in the Caribbean, having been established in 1729 by John Wolmer, a goldsmith, who bequeathed £2,360 for the establishment of a Free School. However, it did not come into existence until 1736, when the Wolmer’s Trust was set up.

What is official language of Cape Verde?

PortugueseCape Verde / Official languagePortuguese is a western Romance language of the Indo-European language family, originating in the Iberian Peninsula of Europe. Wikipedia