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Who is the famous player in PSG?

Who is the famous player in PSG?

Among them are club greats such as record appearance maker Jean-Marc Pilorget, leading top scorer Edinson Cavani, all-time assist leader Ángel Di María, record-breaking captain Thiago Silva, and African Footballer of the Year winner George Weah.

Who is number 4 PSG?

Sergio Ramos
Paris Saint-Germain Squad

Name POS
Sergio Ramos4 D
Marquinhos5 D
Juan Bernat14 D
Colin Dagba17 D

Who is the oldest player in PSG?

Gianluigi Buffon
Paris Saint-Germain

# player Result
1 Gianluigi Buffon Goalkeeper 41 years 03 months 26 days
2 Ronan Le Crom Goalkeeper 38 years 10 months 13 days
3 Grégory Coupet Goalkeeper 38 years 04 months 28 days
4 Claude Makélélé Defensive Midfield 38 years 03 months 11 days

Who has played for PSG?

Among them are club greats such as Ronaldinho, Carlos Bianchi and Jean Djorkaeff. Jean Djorkaeff was both PSG’s first star and first French international player. The formidable right-back shocked French football with his move to the Parisians, whom he led to the Division 2 title in 1971.

Who is No 1 in PSG?

Keylor Navas
Squad Paris Saint-Germain

# player Market value
1 Keylor Navas Goalkeeper €8.00m
60 Alexandre Letellier Goalkeeper €400Th.
Garissone Innocent Goalkeeper €300Th.
40 Denis Franchi Goalkeeper €250Th.

Who is PSG 8?

Leandro Paredes

No. Pos. Player
5 DF Marquinhos (captain)
6 MF Marco Verratti
7 FW Kylian Mbappé
8 MF Leandro Paredes

Who is the No 9 of PSG?

Mauro Icardi
Squad Paris Saint-Germain

# player Market value
30 Lionel Messi Right Winger €60.00m
11 Ángel Di María Right Winger €15.00m
7 Kylian Mbappé Centre-Forward €160.00m
9 Mauro Icardi Centre-Forward €28.00m

Who plays PSG 11?

Kylian Mbappé Lottin
Kylian Mbappé Lottin (born 20 December 1998) is a French professional footballer who plays as a forward for Ligue 1 club Paris Saint-Germain and the France national team.

Who is PSG striker?

Kylian Mbappe
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Striker Pld YC
Kylian Mbappe 44 (2) 11
Lionel Messi 32 (2) 1
Metehan Guclu
Djeidi Gassama 0 (1) 0

Who is the captain of PSG 2022?

Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality….First-team squad.

No. 5
Pos. DF
Nation BRA
Player Marquinhos (captain)