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Who is the best soccer player in Ecuador?

Who is the best soccer player in Ecuador?

FIFA World Cup countdown: Top 10 Ecuadorian footballers of all…

  • Edison Mendez (2000-present, 108 caps, 18 goals)
  • Ivan Hurtado (1992-2010, 167 caps, five goals)
  • Ulises de la Cruz (1995-2010, 101 caps, six goals)
  • Jose Cevallos (1994-2010, 89 caps, no goals)
  • Jose Villafuerte (1976-1985, 42 caps, four goals)

What is soccer called in Ecuador?

Association football (simply called football) is the most popular sport in Ecuador, in line with the majority of South America.

Is Ecuador a good soccer team?

History. From a historical viewpoint, Ecuador have been one of the more struggling footballing nations in South America. Despite their past irregularities, however, Ecuador has risen to be a serious South American competitor in recent years.

Where is Jefferson Montero from?

Babahoyo, EcuadorJefferson Montero / Place of birthBabahoyo, founded May 27, 1948, by legislative decree, is the capital of the Los Ríos province of Ecuador. Its population is cited around 153,000. It is bordered by two rivers, the San Pablo and the Caracol, which join to form the Babahoyo River. Wikipedia

Did Ecuador ever won a World Cup?

A second-half goal from Édison Méndez did seal a 1–0 consolation win in the final match against Croatia. Although they finished the tournament last in their group, they managed to eliminate Croatia, previous third-place in 1998 World Cup, from the competition….2002 FIFA World Cup.

Team Mexico
Pld 3
W 2
D 1
L 0

Who is a famous athlete from Ecuador?

1. Jefferson Pérez (1974 – ) With an HPI of 50.10, Jefferson Pérez is the most famous Ecuadorean Athlete.

What is Ecuador ranked in soccer?

12th best
Ecuador’s national football team: world ranking According to FIFA rankings, they are the world’s 12th best team. They are also the best South American team, trailing only Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Brazil, and Uruguay.

Why is soccer popular in Ecuador?

Rather, because of its basic simplicity and the lack of any necessary equipment besides a ball, soccer thrives in lower income working class areas where it is often the only recreational outlet available.

Can Ecuador make the World Cup?

Ecuador are already qualified for the 2022 World Cup after an exceptional campaign, but Chile want Ecuador’s spot based on what they believe to be true about Castillo.

Why is Jefferson Montero famous?

Montero represented Ecuador at the 2007 Pan American Games, and scored in the final match against Jamaica, a 2–1 win which brought the first international trophy in Ecuadorian football history.

What country is Ecuador?

Ecuador is a republic in northwestern South America, bordered by the Pacific Ocean in west, by Colombia in north and by Peru in south east and south and it shares maritime borders with Costa Rica.

What is the most popular sport in Ecuador?

Football is the most popular sport, followed by baseball, volleyball, basketball, and tennis. Since 2005, Ecuador has been greatly involved in sports and hosted the Guayaquil Marathon in Ecuador’s largest city.