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Who is the Aqua Ranger in Dino charge?

Who is the Aqua Ranger in Dino charge?

James Navarro
Dino Charge Aqua Ranger James Navarro is a geologist and the father of Tyler Navarro. After he found the Aqua Energem 10 years ago, he was forced to hide and leave his eight-year-old son for the sake of protecting him. He resurfaces 10 years later as the Dino Charge Aqua Ranger of the Dino Charge Rangers.

Who is Kaylee in Power Rangers Dino charge?

Elizabeth Dowden
Kaylee is portrayed by Elizabeth Dowden.

Is there a turquoise Power Ranger?

Cyan Shiwase Ranger is the ranger form of Turquoise.

Is the Purple Power Ranger a girl?

Kendall as The Dino Charge Purple Ranger is among the Rangers who feature in Power Rangers Legacy Wars, she is a Common (Leader), Rare (Assist) character, and represents Dino Charge Rangers alongside Koda.

Is there a GREY Power Ranger?

The Gray Ranger is a very recent position that was introduced in Power Rangers Dino Charge.

Who is the GREY Power Ranger?

Appearances. Andrew Michael Gray is an American actor and model who portrays Troy Burrows/Megaforce Red/Super Megaforce Red in both Power Rangers Megaforce and Power Rangers Super Megaforce.

How did Kendall meet Keeper?

Kendall was a curator at the Amber Beach Dinosaur Museum and Manager of the Dino Bite Cafe within the museum. She met with an alien named Keeper, who needed help finding the 10 crystals known as Energems. Keeper turned to Kendall because of her known knowledge of dinosaurs and technology.

What is the Pink Power Rangers name?

Kimberly Ann Hart
She is possibly the best remembered as the first Pink Ranger and first Pink Ninja Ranger from the first entry of the franchise Mighty Morphin Power Rangers….

Kimberly Hart
Full name Kimberly Ann Hart
Title Pink Power Ranger Pink Ninja Ranger
Home Earth
Color(s) Pink

Was there a purple Ranger?

Robert “R.J.” James (David de Lautour) is the Jungle Fury Wolf Ranger in Power Rangers: Jungle Fury. He is the first Purple Ranger.