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Who is the actor in the Kenco advert?

Who is the actor in the Kenco advert?

Rupert Everett is currently riding a wave of critical acclaim for his portrayal of a middle-aged, waning Oscar Wilde in the West End. He’s also starring in the current Kenco coffee ad.

Who is the voice of the Kenco advert 2021?

Stephen Merchant provides a personable voiceover here, with his amiable West Country twang bringing a down to earth quality to the proceedings – in keeping with the final reveal of ‘Mike’s true employment.

Where was Kenco advert filmed?

The whole project is in Honduras, so we listened to a lot of South American rap, folk and traditional music in order to discover the right elements for the track. For us it was about trying to make it sound like a proper record and that’s what helped us to keep the sound authentic.”

Who was the actress in the coffee advert?

Sharon Maughan
Born Sharon Patricia Mughan 22 June 1950 West Derby, Liverpool, Lancashire, England
Occupation Actress
Years active 1971–present
Spouse(s) Trevor Eve ​ ( m. 1980)​

What is a Cofficionado?

Legend has it that the Cofficionado can tell how you like your coffee, just by looking at you. To be a Cofficionado is to be knowledgeable and passionate about all things coffee, and never settling for anything less than the best.

How old is Sharon Maughan?

71 years (June 22, 1950)Sharon Maughan / Age

Who did the Nescafe adverts?

French actor Tchéky Karyo, who recently starred in BBC One’s The Missing, has featured in a new campaign for NESCAFÉ Gold Blend.

Who is in the new Kenco duo advert?

The actress who features in the 2019 Kenco advert is actually Emily Houghton.

Is Kenco coffee from Kenya?

In 1923 we brought our first coffee over to the UK from Kenya and “The Kenyan Coffee Company” was established. Over the years, the name has been shortened to “Kenco” and we remain true to our roots and continue to be proud to deliver great quality coffee which also does good.

Where is Kenco Millicano from?

Kenco is a British brand of instant, roast and ground coffee sold by JDE Peet’s in the United Kingdom and Ireland….Kenco.

Product type Coffee
Owner JDE Peet’s
Country United Kingdom
Introduced 1923
Markets United Kingdom & Ireland

Who makes Millicano coffee?

Kenco Millicano Instant Coffee The Kenco Millicano (10 x 300g) is Kenco’s first Wholebean Instant Coffee which combines instant coffee with finely-milled coffee beans. Kenco Millicano Coffee provides a smooth, full-bodied, velvety flavour and a rich aroma, having been made from high-quality Arabica beans.