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Who is Takashi in love with?

Who is Takashi in love with?

He is a second year student of Fujimi Academy, the leader and founder of the main group of survivors. He is a childhood friend of both Saya Takagi and Rei Miyamoto and while he has strong feelings of love for Rei, he also shares feelings for Saeko Busujima.

Are Takashi and Rei dating?

Rei is the only daughter of Tadashi Miyamoto and Kiriko Miyamoto. When she was in kindergarten with Takashi, she made a pinky promise with him that, when they grow up, they will marry each other.

Is Saeko and Takashi relationship?

As the second oldest of the group after Shizuka, she acts as something of a big sister to the group, often considering the feelings of other members of the group and ensuring their well being. She falls in love with Takashi shortly after the Apocalypse, beginning to use his first name and asking him to use hers.

Who does Saya like?

Saya Takagi – Here we have the standard childhood friends, where one is in love with the other. Saya is clearly the one in love with Takashi, while he only seems to see her as a friend.

Who does Takeshi nanase end up with?

Kurumi Isoshima
Kurumi Isoshima Kurumi and Takeshi are childhood friends and are currently dating.

Who did Saeko end up with?

She accompanies Akiteru to the Adlers vs Jackals game where she brags about knowing that Hinata would one day become a formidable player. During the match, she is seen repeatedly ordering drinks and still feeling on edge when Ushijima spikes. Afterwards, she happily reunites with Akane.

Who does Saeko end up with?

What anime is Tekashi from?

Takashi, designated No. 26, is a major supporting character in the animated movie Akira. He is a member of the Espers, a trio of psychic children cared for by the Japanese government of Neo-Tokyo.

Who does Saeko Tanaka marry?

Picture this, a world where Akiteru and Saeko get married. Then Tanaka and Kiyoko also get married. So Tsukki and Tanaka become brothers-in-law. Even though it seems like those two hate each other, I just know that if you left them alone together they would team up to intimidate people and then laugh about it.

Do Saya and Haji end up together?

Throughout the end of the series it was shown that Hagi was still in love with Saya until the very end, and Saya, who had lost her memory and had begun regaining it, and was falling in love with him again. Hagi is shown to have gotten fond of Riku especially when Riku became Saya’s chevalier.

Who does Takagi end up with?

In the future, Nishikata and Takagi are around 26 – 27 year old, and they are married. They also have a 4 – 5 year old child named Chi. Even as adults, they still enjoy having competitions, which Nishikata continues to constantly lose.

Do Takeshi and Kurumi get together?

Kurumi Isoshima Kurumi and Takeshi are childhood friends and are currently dating. Despite their relationship being false, she has developed real feelings for him.

Is Takashi in a relationship with Saya?

Before the main events of the story, it is shown that Saya has been childhood friends with Takashi Komuro since kindergarten. Saya is the only female member of the group in Takashi’s age range who he is not involved with on a romantic level.

What kind of character is Saya Takagi?

Saya Takagi (高城沙耶, Takagi Saya) is one of the main characters in Highschool of the Dead. Saya is a genius as her high level of intellect is her major contribution to the group, though it often causes her to be stubborn and very arrogant. She usually stays out of combat, preferring to think of strategies to help the others fight.

What did Saya do to save Takashi and Alice?

When Takashi leaves to save Alice, Saya wakes up to the sound of the motorcycle and walks outside to investigate. When she realizes what is happening, she quickly wakes up Shizuka and then starts to gather supplies. She helps load the supplies onto the humvee, and the group leaves to pick up Takashi and Alice.

What does Yuriko tell Takashi to do with Saya?

He then tells Takashi to leave with the others and tells Kohta that he is entrusting Saya to him. Saya is confused and yells at her father, but Yuriko that they have a role to play and that leaving her in the care of the others is the one thing they, as her parents, want for her.