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Who is Sir Humphrey Appleby based on?

Who is Sir Humphrey Appleby based on?

Sir Humphrey Appleby GCB KBE MVO is a fictional character from the British television series Yes Minister and Yes Prime Minister. He was played originally by Sir Nigel Hawthorne, and both on stage and in a television adaptation of the stage show by Henry Goodman in a new series of Yes, Prime Minister.

Who wrote the script for Yes Minister?

Sir Antony Rupert Jay, CVO (20 April 1930 – 21 August 2016) was an English writer, broadcaster, producer and director. With Jonathan Lynn, he co-wrote the British political comedies Yes Minister and Yes, Prime Minister (1980–88).

How did Jim Hacker becomes prime minister?

With help from the recently promoted Sir Humphrey and other senior civil servants, Hacker emerges as a compromise candidate and becomes head of his party unopposed – and Prime Minister.

Who was Bernard in Yes Minister?

Derek Fowlds
Sir Bernard Woolley, GCB, MA (Oxon) is one of the three main fictional characters of the 1980s British sitcom Yes Minister and its sequel, Yes, Prime Minister. He was portrayed originally by Derek Fowlds, with Chris Larkin taking on the part for the 2013 revival.

Is the Yes Minister funny?

“Yes Minister” is the supremely witty and genuinely funny portrayal of the battle of the Ministerial Will and the Administrative Won’t. The characters were highly developed and hilariously funny.

Who played Mrs Hacker in Yes Minister?

Diana M Hoddinott
Diana M Hoddinott (born 1941) is an English actress. She is best known for playing Annie Hacker, the wife of Jim Hacker, in the television comedy serials Yes Minister and Yes, Prime Minister.

Is Nigel Hawthorne still alive?

December 26, 2001Nigel Hawthorne / Date of death

Who becomes the prime minister?

The prime minister is appointed by the president of India; however the prime minister has to enjoy the confidence of the majority of Lok Sabha members, who are directly elected every five years, lest the prime minister shall resign.

Who is head of Civil Service?

Sir Mark Sedwill was appointed Cabinet Secretary in 2018. He is also Head of the Civil Service and National Security Adviser.

Who played Annie Hacker?

Diana HoddinottAnnie Hacker / Played by

What did Sir Humphrey Appleby say about clarification?

Humphrey Yes Minister Quotes. “. Clarification is not to clarify things. It is to put one’s self in the clear (Sir Humphrey Appleby) ”. ”. Jonathan Lynn & Anthony Jay (The Complete Yes Minister) “. Paperwork is the religion of the Civil Service.

What is the relationship between Bernard Woolley and Sir Humphrey Appleby?

His staff is of two minds about the new head – Principal Private Secretary Bernard Woolley is sympathetic to his new boss, but Permanent Secretary Sir Humphrey Appleby tartly reminds Woolley that ministers never stay long.

Would hacker take on Sir Humphrey Appleby?

First rule in politics: never believe anything until it’s officially denied. [intending to dupe Hacker into taking a thankless job] But Sir Humphrey Appleby is bound to tell Hacker he’d be crazy to take it on. Yes.

Do you think Sir Humphrey was saying This About You?

No, that’s the translation. No one would ever have thought Sir Humphrey was saying that about you. Go away, Bernard, please. You think I could? Grasp the nettle? Take the bull by the horns? Prime Minister, you can’t take the bull by the horns if you’re grasping the nettle. Oh, really, Bernard?