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Who is Plan B reggaeton?

Who is Plan B reggaeton?

Plan B was a Puerto Rican reggaeton duo, consisting of Chencho and Maldy, who are co-working cousins. In 2002 they rose to fame and released their first studio album, El Mundo del Plan B: Los Que la Montan.

Why did plan B stop making music?

Drew said that he had taken time off from the music industry to focus on fatherhood, and also to connect with friends and family he says he felt alienated from after the release of Ill Manors. “I felt spiritually lost at the end of Ill Manors.

Who is the girl in Plan B videos?

Kaya Scodelario
Music video The video also stars actress Vicky McClure as Strickland Banks’ girlfriend and Kaya Scodelario as the female lead.

What was Katy Perry last song?

“Not the End of the World” is a song recorded by American singer Katy Perry for her sixth studio album Smile (2020). It was written by the singer, Michael Pollack, Madison Love, Jacob Hindlin, and Andrew Goldstein, and was produced by Goldstein and Oscar Görres.

Who is the highest paid reggaeton artist?

Bottom Line: Daddy Yankee That Daddy Yankee is the richest reggaeton artist in the world should come as a surprise to no one. If you haven’t already guessed from the number of times he’s been mentioned here, he is one of the most iconic and famous artists of the genre, as well as one of its pioneers.

When did Plan B disband?

Pitt’s Plan B production company, which is riding high on recent hits 12 Years a Slave and World War Z, will exit its home of eight years when its deal with Paramount expires at the end of 2013.

What did Plan B go to jail for?

But Ben, who has previously been arrested for being drunk and disorderly and fighting, insists his hard man days are over. He says: “The first album was about not hitting anyone any more, which is why it is called Who Needs Actions When You Got Words.

What’s Plan B’s real name?

Benjamin Paul Ballance-DrewPlan B / Full name

What is Megan Plan B sample?

Now, Megan has officially put “Plan B” out for streaming. Featuring a 90s-inspired beat, the track samples Jodeci, Raekwon and Ghostface Killah’s 1995 single “Freek’n You” off of their third studio album The Show, the After Party, the Hotel.

How old is Ben Drew?

38 years (October 22, 1983)Plan B / Age

Who is the baby daddy of Katy Perry?

Keith HudsonKaty Perry / Father

What is Katy Perry tattoo?

Though it’s been years since she got inked, an old photo of Katy showing her tattoo is once again going viral. The tattoo reads ‘Anuugacchati Pravaha,’ which translates to ‘go with the flow. ‘ Surprisingly, Katy’s tattoo is identical to that of her ex-husband, Russell Brand. Brand also had the tattoo.