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Who is Melissa on Cool FM?

Who is Melissa on Cool FM?

About Melissa Riddell Melissa is the newest face on the Cool presenting team. But she’s not new to the station. The success story of the Cool Academy, Melissa started out on the ‘Cool Choices’ programme. After her five week placement, she sent in a demo and we snapped her up.

Who hosts Cool FM?

Katharine Walker returns to the Cool Saturday show alongside Stuart Robinson & Deputy Dave, as well as hosting her own show on Sunday’s afternoons (1pm-4pm). Taking over from Katherine on the weekend nightshift will be two top young presenters – Evanna Maxted and Ciara Ewing!

Who owns Cool FM Nigeria?

➤ Cool FM 96.9 Kano. The owner of Cool FM is Amin Moussalli, a Lebanese businessman. This radio station has an impressive achievement – it was the first in Nigeria that does its programs in Pidgin English.

How Old Is Cool FM Nigeria?

When AIM Group introduced Cool FM on October 1, 1998 right in the heart of Lagos, it ignited a notable era in the business of broadcasting and promoting music in a then relatively tyro industry.

Does Rebecca McKinney have a boyfriend?

One thing the boys have been teasing Rebecca a lot about lately is her love life, with constant references to ‘loverboy’ from them both. After some coaxing from her co-hosts she finally revealed on air that ‘Loverboy’ is her boyfriend of seven months, Chris Smith from Scotland.

What age is Paulo Ross?

The 28-year-old, originally from Ardglass, co-presents the Cool FM Breakfast Show and sport every morning alongside Pete Snodden and Rebecca McKinney. An avid Liverpool FC fan and mountain fanatic, he lives in south Belfast with his partner. Q: Do you take regular exercise and if so, what?

What school did Melissa Riddell go to?

Find things to do That new voice is their latest addition to the team, Melissa Riddell, who now hosts the station’s ‘Cool Goes Quiet’ show on weekdays from 10pm to 1am. The 24-year-old is a graduate of the Cool Academy and hails from Magherafelt, Co Derry.

Who is Amin mousalli?

Amin Mousalli is the owner of AIMS Group, a conglomerate that is into construction, engineering design, communications and more. An engineer cum architect, naturalized with his wife. (Her own great grand parents emigrated to Nigeria around 1886).

Who is Serge Noujaim?

Serge Noujaim is the Chief Executive Officer of COOL, WAZOBIA, INFO AND AREWA RADIO. Both he and one of his radio stations emerged winners in different categories at the MARKETING EDGE Awards 2021 which held recently.

Who is the CEO of Cool FM?

Serge NOUJAIM – C.E.O – Cool FM Nigeria | LinkedIn.

How old is Rebecca McKinney?

Rebecca McKinney (33) is a fashion stylist and broadcaster who co-presents Cool FM’s Pete Snodden In The Morning breakfast show.

What age is Paolo Ross Cool FM?

Paulo (28), originally from Ardglass, now lives in Belfast and is part of the Cool FM breakfast team along with Pete Snodden and Rebecca McKinney. He and his family have been through a tough few years after his mum suddenly became ill with severe mental health problems.