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Who is Harka Gurung?

Who is Harka Gurung?

Harka Bahadur Gurung (1939–2006) was a Nepali geographer, author, and politician, known for his conservation work.

What did Harka Gurung do?

Harka Gurung was a renowned scholar and wrote and published 15 books and over 700 research articles in various fields, covering geography, development, sociology, economy, anthropology, tourism and mountaineering.

When was Harka Gurung born in Nepali date?

February 5, 1939
Harka Gurung was born in Taranche, a small village in Lamjung in Central Nepal on February 5, 1939 in a soldier-cum priestly Gurung family.

Who is Ghale Raja?

Gurung legends describe a “Ghale Raja,” a king who ruled the Gurungs in ancient times. He was overthrown by the Nepali raja of a neighboring principality about the fifteenth century AD. By the sixteenth century, Khasa kings of the Shah family had conquered most of the principalities that make up Present-day Nepal.

When did Harka Gurung died?

September 23, 2006Harka Gurung / Date of death

Is Gurung a high caste?

According to descriptions of Nepal’s societal composition, the Hindu caste system permeates all areas of Nepalese society, and even those non-Hindu ethnic groups such as the Gurung are assigned a caste status. The Gurung appear to occupy a middle position in Nepal’s hierarchical caste structure.

Is Shrestha high caste?

“Shrestha” itself was later adopted as the specific family surname by members of this high-caste Hindu group, although there are over 50 other recognized surnames of Srēṣṭhas.

Is Gurung a surname?

Gurung is a surname among people of the Gurung Tamu ethnic group in Nepal. Notable individuals with the surname include: Amber Gurung (1938–2016), composer, singer and lyricist.

Is Gurung a Buddhist?

The Gurungs follow Tibetan Buddhism, a form of Mahāyāna Buddhism that has been strongly influenced by the ancient pre-Buddhist religion of Tibet. They have also come into close contact with Hindu peoples and have adopted many Hindu religious traits.

Are Gurung Hindu?

Gurung religion is mix of Buddhism, Hinduism, and local animistic practices. Most of the Gurungs follow Hindu culture some of they follow Buddhist.

Are Gurung from Tibet?

The Gurungs are a people inhabiting the foothills of the Himalayas in central Nepal. Their origins are uncertain, though linguistic evidence suggests that their ancestors may have migrated from Tibet about 2,000 years ago.