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Who is Dhananjaya Kannada actor?

Who is Dhananjaya Kannada actor?

Kalenahalli Adaviswamy Dhananjaya (born 23 August 1986), also known as Daali, is an Indian actor, lyricist and film producer known for his work in Kannada cinema. He made his acting debut in Director’s Special in 2013 for which he won the best debut actor award at the 3rd SIIMA Awards.

What is the age of Dhananjay?

35 years (August 23, 1986)Dhananjay / Age

Where is Dhananjay from?

Arsikere, IndiaDhananjay / Place of birthArsikere is a city and taluka in the Hassan district in the state of Karnataka, India. It is one of the largest city in Hassan district. Arsikere city municipal council consists of 31 wards.This region is known for its coconut production and is also called as kalpataru nadu. Wikipedia

When did Dolly Dhananjay born?

Dhananjay was Born on 23 August 1986.

What is the age of amrutha Iyengar?

25 years (July 26, 1996)Amrutha Iyengar / Age

Who is the producer of Badava rascal?

DananjayaBadava Rascal / Producer

Badava Rascal is a romantic comedy entertainer movie directed by Shankar and produced by Dhananjay . The movie cast includes Daali Dhananjay and Amrutha Iyengar in the main lead roles while Vasuki Vaibhav scored music.

What does Dhananjay mean?

One who wins wealth
Name :Dhananjay. Meaning :One who wins wealth.

Who is Dolly Dhananjay’s wife?

Daali Dhananjay is Unmarried and She not dating anyone. She belongs to a Hindu family and Her Zodiac Sign is Scorpio.

Who is amrutha Iyengar dating?

Dolly Dhananjaya proposes to Amrita Iyengar; Fans commented happy Daali Dhananjaya proposes Amrutha Iyengar in Golden Gang show. Actor Dali Dhananjaya and actress Amrita Iyengar are a good pairing in Kannada cinema. The pair have shared the scenes together in the ‘Pop Corn Monkey Tiger’ and ‘Poor Rascal’ movies.

What is the age of Darling Krishna?

36 years (June 12, 1985)Darling Krishna / Age

What is the budget of Badava Rascal?

Badava Rascal Kannada Movie (2021) Budget, Hit or Flop, Box Office Collection Day Wise

First look Poster
Certification:- UA
Total Worldwide Collection:- 14.04 Crores
Budget + P&A:- 3-5 Crores Approx
Box Office Verdict (Hit or Flop):- Hit

Is Badava Rascal a remake?

Gujjal Purushottam has co-produced the film. Besides Dhananjay, the film stars Amrutha Iyengar, Rangayana Raghu, Nagabhushana N S and Tara in other pivotal roles. It was also released in Telugu on 18 February 2022….Music.

Badava Rascal
Soundtrack album by Vasuki Vaibhav
Language Kannada
Label Anand Audio