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Who is born on May 16th?

Who is born on May 16th?

Here are some of the notable people celebrating birthdays today, including Danny Trejo, David Boreanaz, Janet Jackson, Megan Fox, Pierce Brosnan, Tori Spelling and more.

Who is the most famous person born in May?

May Celebrity Birthdays

  1. May 1. Jamie Dornan. Wes Anderson.
  2. May 2. Dwayne Johnson. Christine Baranski.
  3. May 3. Christina Hendricks. Bobby Cannavale.
  4. May 4. Will Arnett. Richard Jenkins.
  5. May 5. Henry Cavill. Lance Henriksen.
  6. May 6. George Clooney. Tom Bergeron.
  7. May 7. Breckin Meyer. Alexander Ludwig.
  8. May 8. Stephen Amell. Michel Gondry.

Which celebrities birthday come in May?

Bollywood Celebrities Birthday

  • Onir. May 1. Turning 53 years old.
  • Anushka Sharma. May 1. Turning 34 years old.
  • Diana Hayden. May 1. Turning 49 years old.
  • Radhika Madan. May 1. Turning 27 years old.
  • Aruna Irani. May 3. Turning 70 years old.
  • Anang Desai. May 4. Turning 69 years old.
  • Trisha Krishnan. May 4.
  • Kunal Basu. May 4.

Who is the most famous person born on May 16?

Today’s famous birthdays list for May 16, 2021 includes celebrities Pierce Brosnan, Danny Trejo

  • Top celebrity birthdays on May 16, 2021.
  • Actor Danny Trejo turns 77.
  • Actor Pierce Brosnan turns 68.
  • Actress Debra Winger turns 66.
  • Singer Janet Jackson turns 55.
  • Actor David Boreanaz turns 52.
  • Actress Tori Spelling turns 48.

Is May 16 a special day?

National Honor Our LGBT Elders Day.

What happened on May 16th in history?

1920 – In Rome, Pope Benedict XV canonizes Joan of Arc. 1925 – The first modern performance of Claudio Monteverdi’s opera Il ritorno d’Ulisse in patria occurred in Paris. 1929 – In Hollywood, the first Academy Awards ceremony takes place. 1943 – The Holocaust: The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising ends.

Why are May babies special?

Babies born in this month are typically bigger and stronger than their peers born in the preceding winter months. And they don’t just possess physical stamina: May babies are known for their strength of mind, body and spirit, experiencing the least amount of chronic diseases compared to babies born in other months.

What about May born?

Strong-willed and deeply emotional, people born in May seem to possess an innate sixth sense that helps them navigate through life. Like April-born people, those born in May can be stubborn, but their critical, systematic ways of thinking help them get stuff done. 5. People born in May often have wanderlust.

What does it mean to be born on May 16?

By: Jill M. Tauruses born on May 16 have buoyant and fascinating personalities in matters of self-expression. They have their own view of life and their own style. They can seem argumentative because they enjoy exchanging opinions with others.

What is the history of 16th May?

On this day in 1943, Nazi troops quelled the monthlong Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, in which Polish Jews, led by Mordecai Anielewicz and the Jewish Fighting Organization, resisted deportation to the Treblinka extermination camp.