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Who has the best standing dunk in 2k20?

Who has the best standing dunk in 2k20?

He is followed by Rudy Gobert in second place, while Clint Capela is third. Below is the list of top 100 current players with the best Standing Dunk Attribute on NBA 2K22….List of Current Players with the Highest Standing Dunk Attribute on NBA 2K22.

# 1.
Player Zion Williamson PF / C | 6’6″ | NOP
OVR 89

Who is the best at dunks?

Best dunk contest

  1. Aaron Gordon and Zach LaVine wreak havoc, 2016.
  2. Vince Carter’s debut contest, 2000.
  3. Michael Jordan floats from the line, 1988.
  4. Superman and Gerald Green blowing candles, 2008.
  5. Spud Webb tops Dominique Wilkins, 1986. Standing at just 5’6”, Spud Webb wouldn’t strike you as the average NBA player.

Who has the highest dunk rating in nba2k21?

The player with the highest Driving Dunk Attribute Rating among current players on NBA 2K22 is Zion Williamson. He is followed by Ja Morant in second place, while Zach LaVine is third….List of Current Players with the Highest Driving Dunk Attribute on NBA 2K22.

# 2.
Player Ja Morant PG | 6’3″ | MEM
OVR 93

Why can’t I dunk in 2K22?

To perform a dunk, you’ll need to press and hold R2 (PlayStation)/RT (Xbox) when you drive the player towards the basket with the left stick. Once close, move and hold the right stick up and the player will perform a two-handed dunk.

What is the most famous dunk ever?

1. Vinsanity (2000) Half-Man-Half-Amazing enchanted Oakland with one of the cleanest and most memorable performances in the Slam Dunk Contest history. He made the dunk a for of art even in normal games.

What is the highest dunk ever?

On April 1, 2000, Wilson dunked a basketball on a goal set at 3.65m (12 feet) from the floor; the feat placed him in the Guinness Book Of World Records, and broke a previous record held by former Arizona State University basketball star Joey Johnson, the younger brother of former NBA great Dennis Johnson.

Who is the best posterizer in NBA 2K22?

Posterizer Badge With a “driving dunk” rating of 90, LeBron has the “gold” version of the badge; allowing the ability to dunk on a player with a 65% success rate. As LeBron James continues to put together a strong season, his NBA 2K22 rating has the chance to continue to rise as he continues to play at an elite level.

What team is Zion Williamson on 2K22?

Zion Williamson NBA 2K22 Rating (Current New Orleans Pelicans)

Do you need standing dunk 2k22?

Pro Standing Big Man Contacts: You will need a Standing Dunk with a value that is higher than 80. You will also need a Vertical with a value higher than 65. Additionally, you will also need a height of at least 6’10”. Elite Alley Oops: You need a Driving Dunk that is higher than 92, and a Vertical higher than 80.

Why can’t I dunk in 2k22?