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Who has played the best Mr Darcy?

Who has played the best Mr Darcy?

Every Mr. Darcy* Ranked

  1. Colin Firth as Mark Darcy in Bridget Jones’s Diary, 2001. See, in the end you got Colin Firth at #1.
  2. Matthew MacFadyen as Mr.
  3. Colin Firth as Mr.
  4. Laurence Olivier as Mr.
  5. Matthew Rhys as Mr.
  6. David Rintoul as Mr.
  7. Martin Henderson as Will Darcy, Bride and Prejudice, 2004.
  8. Mr.

Who is Matthew Mcfadden married to?

Keeley HawesMatthew Macfadyen / Spouse (m. 2004)Claire Julia Hawes, known professionally as Keeley Hawes, is an English actress. After beginning her career in a number of literary adaptations, including Our Mutual Friend and Tipping the Velvet, Hawes Wikipedia

How tall is the guy who plays Mr Darcy?

Although Macfadyen is six foot three and barrel-chested, he’s not physically intimidating in the least when out of character. “He is the worst giggler I have ever encountered in my career,” Oyelowo adds. “So before a take, you’re with goofy Matthew, and then it’s action and he’s playing this very imposing MI5 officer.

Who was the best Mr Darcy in Pride and Prejudice?

1. Colin Firth in Pride and Prejudice (1995)

How old is Lizzy in Pride and Prejudice?

20 years old
Elizabeth is the second eldest of the five Bennet sisters of the Longbourn estate, situated near the fictional market village of Meryton in Hertfordshire, England. She is 20 years old by the middle of the novel.

How old is Keeley Hawe?

46 years (February 10, 1976)Keeley Hawes / Age

How old is Caroline Bingley?

Bingley’s 22 years, as she was unmarried and had a dowry of £20,000, and if she was 23 or older, she’d be quite the old maid. Even with her terrible personality, many men would gladly marry her for her pretty face and big dowry well before her 21st birthday. I too think that it was not mentioned in the book directly.

What does Matthew Firth think of his own turn as Mr Darcy?

“That was back in pre-streaming days when you really did have to wait for next Sunday to see the next part,” Firth added about his own turn as Mr. Darcy. “I think it was a huge achievement that that story was told, and that Matthew managed to span the arc of that character.”

What kind of character is Mr Darcy?

Mr. Darcy. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Fitzwilliam Darcy, generally referred to as Mr. Darcy, is one of the two central characters in Jane Austen’s novel Pride and Prejudice. He is an archetype of the aloof romantic hero, and a romantic interest of Elizabeth Bennet, the novel’s protagonist.

How does Mr Darcy show his love for Elizabeth?

Eventually, Mr. Darcy declares his love for Elizabeth and asks for her hand. He reminds her of the large gap in their social status.

What is Mr Darcy’s salary?

Mr. Darcy is a wealthy gentleman with an income exceeding £10,000 a year (equivalent to £600,000 in 2016) and the proprietor of Pemberley, a large estate in Derbyshire, England. Darcy first meets Elizabeth Bennet at a ball, where he makes rather demeaning remarks about her while she is within earshot.