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Who has Jenny Lewis opened for?

Who has Jenny Lewis opened for?

Harry Styles
Jenny Lewis will open for Harry Styles in 2020 as he tours on ‘Fine Line. ‘ From the dawn of his post-One Direction career, Harry Styles has exhibited quality taste in opening acts: His 2017 Live on Tour shows brought along Kacey Musgraves, Leon Bridges and Warpaint in various parts of the world.

What songs did Jenny Lewis sing on love on tour?


  • Silver Lining. (Rilo Kiley song)
  • Head Underwater.
  • Do Si Do.
  • Psychos.
  • Just One of the Guys.
  • Joy’all.
  • Red Bull & Hennessy.
  • Puppy and a Truck.

What songs did Jenny Lewis play at Harry Styles concert?

Jenny Lewis setlist:

  • Head Underwater.
  • Silver Lining.
  • Little White Dove.
  • Just One of the Guys.
  • Joy’all.
  • Red Bull & Hennessy.
  • Puppy and a Truck.
  • See Fernando.

Is Jenny Lewis a Scientologist?

Pitt took two courses in Scientology when he was dating Juliette Lewis, who is a Scientologist, according to Amy Scobee, who wrote Scientology – Abuse at the Top. Pitt was another of the church’s high-profile targets, but he lost interest after breaking up with Lewis.

How long does Jenny Lewis perform Love on tour?

How long are Jenny Lewis concerts? Most Jenny Lewis concerts last about 2-3 hours but can run shorter or longer depending on the opening acts, encore, etc.

Who is opening Harry Styles?

Support at the Toronto shows will come from Madi Diaz; Blood Orange will open for Styles at Madison Square Garden; and Jessie Ware is the opener for the Chicago concerts. Find Styles’ schedule below. At the 2021 Grammy Awards, Styles played “Watermelon Sugar” with a band that included Blood Orange’s Devonté Hynes.

Is Jenny Lewis opening for Harry Styles?

After being postponed due to COVID-19, Harry Styles and his Love On Tour, er, tour finally lands in Milwaukee. Styles will be performing hits from his 2019 sophomore album Fine Line. And if the breakout One Direction superstar wasn’t enough, the incomparable Jenny Lewis will open the show.

How many songs does Jenny Lewis sing before Harry Styles?

nine songs
Per Styles request, fans were also asked to wear masks as well. Pre Styles’ performance, indie singer-songwriter Jenny Lewis staged a collection of her songs for nearly an hour. She sang nine songs; three of the most popular were “Red Bull & Henessy”, “Just One of the Guys”, and “Do Si Do”.

Who plays Jenny Lewis guitar?

guitarist Blake Sennett
It’s been nearly a decade since Rilo Kiley officially called it quits, and in that time there have been two instances where singer Jenny Lewis and guitarist Blake Sennett reunited: the first was in 2015 at Coachella, when Sennett joined Lewis’ band to play “Portions For Foxes,” and the second was over the weekend, when …

How much does Harry Styles make per concert?

Harry Styles’ show “Love On Tour” was the most popular concert of the year and the second highest-grossing, selling over 669,000 tickets and earning nearly $87 million for 39 shows across 30 cities, charging an average of roughly $129 per ticket.

Does anyone open for Harry Styles?

Like the previously announced trek, Jenny Lewis will serve as opening act for the entirety of the tour except for October 30th and 31st, which will mark Styles’ Harryween concerts at New York’s Madison Square Garden; Orville Peck and Madison Cunningham were previously booked as support for those shows.

Who does Harry Styles date 2022?

February 2022: Olivia Wilde celebrates Harry Styles’ 28th birthday.