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Who has covered Adele songs?

Who has covered Adele songs?

Artists covered by Adele

Bob Dylan 231
Etta James 52
Sam Cooke 51
The Cure 51
The Steel Drivers 51

Who is Chesney Hawkes father?

Len HawkesChesney Hawkes / Father

Who is Chesney Hawkes married to?

Kristina HawkesChesney Hawkes / Spouse (m. 1997)

Personal life. Hawkes married his American wife Kristina on 4 July 1997. They lived in Chertsey, Surrey with their three children before moving to Los Angeles. Entrepreneur Duncan Bannatyne is a fan, and Hawkes performed as a surprise at his 60th birthday party in 2009.

Are any of Adele songs covers?

From Kelly Clarkson to Linkin Park to Aretha Franklin, musical legends of all genres have covered Adele’s 2011 classic.

Has Adele done any cover versions?

She also collaborated with Sacha Skarbek on the single “Cold Shoulder” and recorded a cover version of Bob Dylan’s “Make You Feel My Love”. However, most of the songs were written solely by Adele, including “Best for Last”, “Crazy for You”, “First Love”, and “My Same”, as well as her debut single, “Hometown Glory”.

Is Chesney Hawkes still married?

Chesney Hawkes is married to American wife Kristina. Living in Los Angeles as of 2018, the couple are parents to three children: Casey, Jesse, and Indi.

How old is Chesney?

Sam is now aged 28 and Chesney has been a part of famous storylines such as his close bond with dog Schmeichel, rollercoaster romance with Sinead Tinker and being a dad to quadruplets with Gemma Winter.

What nationality is Chesney Hawkes?

BritishChesney Hawkes / Nationality

What song did Chris Stapleton wrote for Adele?

If It Hadn’t Been for Love
“If It Hadn’t Been for Love” This song was originally written and performed by Stapleton and the SteelDrivers on their 2008 debut album, but Adele brought her own larger-than-life voice to the haunting song as a bonus track on her 2011 album 21.