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Who has been Director-General of the BBC?

Who has been Director-General of the BBC?

Tim Davie

Director-General of the BBC
Incumbent Tim Davie since 1 September 2020
Member of BBC Board Executive Committee
Reports to BBC Board Chairman of the BBC
Appointer BBC Board

Who is Greg Dyke?

Dyke was a director of Manchester United and chairman of Brentford football clubs, and from 2013 to 2016 was chairman of the Football Association. He was chancellor of the University of York from 2004 to 2015 and chairman of the British Film Institute between 2008 and 2016.

Who was the first Director-General of the BBC?

Lord Reith
REITH, John Charles, Lord Reith (1889-1971) Lord Reith was the first Director-General of the BBC.

Who was chairman of the BBC in 1995?

List of chairmen

Name (Birth–Death) Term of office
George Howard (1920–1984) 1980 1983
Stuart Young (1934–1986) 1983 29 August 1986 (Died in Office)
Marmaduke Hussey (1923–2006) 1986 1996
Christopher Bland (1938–2017) 1 April 1996 30 September 2001

How old is Greg Dyke?

75 years (May 20, 1947)Greg Dyke / Age

Is Greg Dyke a lord?

Greg Dyke explores the life and legacy of Lord Reith, founder and first director-general of the BBC, and discovers hidden sides to the man who established the BBC’s reputation….Credit.

Role Contributor
Presenter Greg Dyke

Is Tim Davie married?

Personal life. Davie is married and has three sons. He is a keen runner.

Who is the BBC Director-General 2016?

Davie was formerly the chief executive officer of BBC Studios. He served as acting Director-General of the BBC following George Entwistle’s resignation in November 2012 until Lord Hall took over the role permanently in April 2013.

Who was the chairman of BBC committee?

Executive committee

Name Position
Tim Davie Chairman; director-general; chief executive; editor-in-chief
Kerris Bright Chief customer officer
Tom Fussell CEO, BBC Studios
Glyn Isherwood Chief Operating Officer